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Most runs are held on the outskirts of Bangkok, and can usually be reached in an hour by car or taxi from the centre - if you know where you are going.

The easiest way to get to the run site is to get a lift from a fellow Hasher, and if you send an e-mail to us at info at bangkokmondayhhh.com saying where you are staying we will probably find someone who can give you a lift or share a taxi with you.

If you are going on your own, taxis are plentiful and cheap but most taxi drivers don't speak much English. When pronouncing a place name generally ignore the letter 'h'. 'Ph' is pronounced like a 'P', 'Th' is pronounced like a 'T' but 'Ch' is the exception and is pronounced 'Ch'. If possible show him the Thai script on the directions.

Information about taxis and public transport is available here.

Buses are very cheap but also very slow, and so are not recommended. After the run you should be able to get a lift back into the city.

Some journeys to the Hash involve going on one or more of Bangkok's elevated expressways, all of which charge. So give your driver some money as you approach the tollgate. The tollgates always have plenty of change so it can be a good place the break a high value note.

This page last updated: 10 Jan 2022