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RIP Roberto (Bob) 'Forget Me Not' Guzman

It is with an ocean of sadness that I announce the passing of my brother Robert Guzmán in a car accident on Friday in his beloved Cocke County, Tennessee.

If you knew Bob, you would never forget him. He was an adventurer and world traveler, having lived for months at a time in places most of us only dream of: Athens, Greece; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Cairo, Egypt; Mexico City, Mexico; Xiamen, China; Tangalle, Sri Lanka. He could converse in English, Spanish, and French with ease. He astounded me once when he said a few words to a Bolivian friend of mine in Quechua! He was the first (and maybe only?) person to ride a bicycle the entire perimeter of the Mediterranean Sea many years ago, passing through every country that bordered it with the exception of Libya, which was impossible to enter at the time (although he tried).

Bob was a free spirit. He had a heart as wide as the sky and would literally give you the shirt off his back if you were in need. He leaves behind good friends all over the world, who he continuously stayed in contact with. He was a vegetarian who loved Mexican food the most.

As Covid had curtailed his world travels, he had put his energy into building a home on his Mesa in Hartford, Tennessee. The roof is going on next week. It is one of the beautiful spots on this earth, and we will continue its construction in his honor. Last night we were outside in Tennessee and saw a glorious ring around the moon. We all felt it was his spirit expanding into the universe.

There was no one like Bob, and he will be sorely missed forever. Vaya con Dios, my brother. Love you forever.

This page last updated: 29 Apr 2021