Run No:-


Date:- 3 January 2005


Wat Kaew Pitak, Soi Udomsuk


George "Subhuman" Bevington


Todd Wilkie

Zen and the Art of Hashing

The diehards continued on well into the night and lightweight me left Noriega, Agent Orange, Anal Rape, 4x2 and others at a beerful of table as the clock approached half past the witching hour. Earlier the cultured conversation between Ajarn Khee Mao and Hashendale at the On On restaurant focused on on literary works and at one point the topic of “Books that Changed Your Life”….could there be such a thing?

One of my favourites, although not necessarily a life changer, is Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" which reintroduced me to some old pre-Socratic ghosts, and showed me the magnitude of what was lost when Aristotle's mythos came to be considered "reality".

Food was good, however, there was some grumbling about Malinee’s preferential pricing policy adopted for women versus men. This practice should be halted immediately as, taken to the extreme, it could develop into the ridiculous practice implemented by the Harriettes of paying for your beers individually at the circle.

Prick of the Week went to Sizzler for what I don’t know. Several comments about the benefits of swallowing were made for the enlightenment of our Harriettes. (6) Joylide and Anal Rape were brought in for being clones. Other Down Downs went to (5) Hags for sending his wife, Deep Shag to the usually men-only BH3 run while he went golfing. (4) Richard “Barry” White for losing his clothes on a run. (3) Lem “Mullethead” Morgan for growing the appendage, a sure sign he is undergoing a mid-life crisis. (2) Pussy Galore for something related to rubbish. And firstly (1) Hash Hash for annoying people with his puny torch.

Subhuman, the hare was justly chastised for running on his own run, an unforgivable sin for which frogs have been thrown into khlongs for committing.

Most runners finished in around 45 minutes, quite surprising given that the hare was aided by Sugar Daddy and Non-Stop who know the area well. Fortunately, I along with George of the Jungle got our full money’s worth by long-cutting through the housing estate.

Trying to avoid the sinning hare sent me off trail so there is not much I can comment on the run…som nam naa Mr. Bevington. Visitors in attendance taking advantage of the “day in lieu of” holiday were Mike Rickard, Tabatha Bond, FBI Agent Nan, and Elevator Repairman Jorg.

The taxi contingent including Bimbo, Maverick, Spinning Dwarf and Anal Rape met at Onnut Skytrain Station at 4:30 PM arriving at Wat Kaew Pitak with plenty of time to spare….little did I know it would be nearly another eight hours before I would depart for home.


On Monday 3 January we had 22 Harriers, 10 Harriettes, 0 new boots and 4 visitor, total = 36.  Returners included Teerachai "Pink Panther" Reinsubdee, Hags, Richard "Stumbles" White, John "Slime" Sim, and Jeanine "Lady Bug" Souren.

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