Run No:-


Date:- 10 January 2005


Abandoned housing estate near Wat Pradu


Todd "Spinning Dwarf" Wilkie


Bruce Weeks

As Sugar Daddy has sagely observed, the new highways on the other side of the Taksin Bridge have made some very nice territory available to the Hash. Seizing this opportunity Spinning Dwarf Wilkie did a fine job setting a great run out of the abandoned housing estate near Wat Pradu. This housing estate is a strange one, almost complete, nice expensive design, windows intact…but abandoned. Raincoat explained it all-of course, it was one of his failed loans. Katoey Kickboxer observed that few would want to buy such houses-although finished- because their unoccupied, vacant nature (lacking the ”smell of humans”) would encourage snakes to roost in the walls and ceiling.   Yikes!


An impressive crowd of Ex-GM’s were in attendance including Raincoat from the Great North, Limbo, A Man Called Horse, R-Hole from Kenya via Bangladesh, The Great Pootender with his two lovely girls, the unemployed Pink Panther, Ajarn Kee Mow, Pisstak, Hashash, George of the Jungle, Spinning Dwarf and Noriega. Such assembled Hashing mediocrity has not been seen since the last millennium’s 1,000 BMH3 run. The run was in excellent territory, numerous twists and turns with clever checks which kept the pack together. Many klongs, fruit orchards and tricky bridges. Although the Hare promised elephants, they were not to be seen although there was evidence of local elephant presence in the form of Great Balls of Shit (sounds like a Rock Group from Canada).


Two dogs entertained as we ran past by engaging in wanton copulation. The locals were very friendly and seem to want us to come back! One day, a little boy goes over to his grandparents house and is sitting out on the porch with his grandfather. Grandpa is drinking a beer and the little boy asks if he can have a sip. "can your dick touch your asshole?" replies the grandpa. He says no, so the grandpa chuckles and says "well, then you aren’t old enough yet to drink beer". The little boy goes inside where grandma gives him a plate of fresh cookies. He goes back outside and Grandpa asks him if he can have one. "Can YOUR dick touch YOUR asshole, Grandpa?" "Sure can" says Grandpa. "Well good for you, then go fuck yourself, cuz these are my cookies"


The circle was started – aptly run by the JointMaster Hashash. All the old GM’s from around the world that came to this run and of course Mini the reigning GM was not there. He went off to help Tsunami victims rebuild. The hare Spinning Dwarf was called into the Circle for an excellent run-THE BEST RUN OF THE YEAR!!!!. Returners included many. Normal was cited for getting older and having a nice party to publicize the event. Ajarn Kee Mow was the RA and dazzled the crowd with his outstanding wit.The circle also saw some religion and genuine truth. Khun Eat, with accusing finger outstretched, expressed her opinion of Ajarn Kee Mow with the poignant and powerful observation-“YOU ARE A BAD MAN”. Truer words were never spoken. Lively voting for Prick of the Week followed, with many nominated, but in the end we all knew who would win-Limbo.


The assembled multitude adjourned to a nearby eatery thru Wat Pratu and over a Klong Bridge for food and more beer. The food was almost non-existent (never let Harriettes order the food all you get is khow pad) but the very fetching waitresses kept our glasses full. Raincoat, Bimbo, R Hole and Noriega all lent their voices in song. The local patrons really paid attention when Raincoat sang HIS usual standard. Pascal and his “frere” Andre were planning to go truffle hunting the next morning. The night before, as Pascal got into bed, his wife, Lulu, asked him what he was doing the next day. Pascal replied, "Me and Andre are going truffle hunting!" She jumped up with excitement, "Pascal, ohh let me go with you!" Pascal said, "no,no,no, last time you want to go, i waste my time try to get you up, and you no moving, no way!" Lulu replied, "Pascal, i promise i will wake up this time." Pascal  said,"okay, Lulu, but if you don't get up, and i waste my time, you either suck my dick or let me fuck you up the ass." As a true French woman, used to such demands, she purred, "okay, cheri i promise." The next morning at 5am, Pascal woke Lulu up and yelled,"Okay, Lulu get up time ". "Oh, no, no, nooo im too tired", Lulu mumbled. Pascal was tres pissed. "Okay, that’s it, you either suck my dick or let me fuck you up the ass." Lulu said, "okay i suck your dick." She started pleasuring Pascal with when her face popped up and said, "Mon dieu, your dick tastes like shit!!!" He said, "I know, Andre didn't want to get up either!!! 

Thanks Todd for a good run and a pleasant evening.


On Monday 10 January we had 20 Harriers,12 Harriettes, 0 new boots and 0 visitors , total = 32.  Returners included Bob "Raincoat" Rayner, Don "Limbo" Lavoie, Trevor "R-Hole" Fellows, Ed "The Great Pudenda" Rubesch, Neil "Weedeater" Biggadike, Lynda "No Meat" Sharp, Steve "Tastes Great" Furst, Diane "Lion King" Furst, and Khun Tae.  In total, there were 12 former Grand Masters of the BMH3 in attendance. Since 1982, there have been 27 BMH3 GMs.

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