Run No:-


Date:- 24 January 2005


Mopla Restaurant, Bang Na-Trad


Andrew "No No" Murison


Jeanine "Love Bug" Souren

The run site has promised to be a good one, right in front of the Caltex gas station on the side of the old Restaurant, ample parking, lots of dogs, nice cool breeze from the ever green rice fields (it would have been even better if it had been in front of a Shell gas station - Webmaster).

Such a lovely place and evening with quite a big turn out for the Monday run. The hare was there, armed with a walking stick for fending off dogs. Maverick showed up, and brought his long lost son with him, Barry, whom he found and got reunited with in KL recently. Barry turned out to be quite the runner, and the hasher, just like his good old dad.

At 515 exact, the GM called On On, and off we went, headed along the klong into some fabulous country side. Gengis surprised all of us, by not taking an immediate shortcut, he was trying to impress Noah, whom he took to the hash all the way on a motorcycle. Noah was so electrified by this motorcycle event, that he kept stimulating Gengis to become a front runner together with him and guess what? This bike ride sure must have been stimulating in many ways, because Ginges even forgot to pull up his jeans higher than his armpits. The Thai lady runners were very impressed……

Bimbo was telling us an enthralling story about ‘nobody knows Bimbo’; he explained that thanks to the hash, he now has international recognition and before the hash (his personal guru is the one and only Subhuman) he was a total nobody…..One could see that the run was like a drug to him and whilst panting along, Bimbo tried to convert others to confess their own demons to Subhuman, who then shows them the light at the end of the tunnel.

After a couple of checks, the running turned out to be even more interesting, because in plain view of everyone there was Tim Daly making out with Dripper!!! It must have been his headgear; they sure looked like sparks were flying around. For those of us who didn’t see; Tim is still on cloud nine whist Dripper fled to Jakarta instead of confronting his true feelings……After a few kilometres, the GM started to remember his subway story (he does not believe in going to Subway anymore for sandwiches) and got violently ill. Lucky for him the street dogs were pretty hungry. Trying to get away from it all was Barry, who thought the Bangkok Monday hash were a bizarre group of people, except for his dad Maverick of course.

Last but not least was the now well published kidnapping of Norriega. It happened fast and furious, whilst he was relieving himself. A group of professional female Thai hooded killer kidnappers grabbed Norriega’s unit simultaneously with Frank baby himself and need we ask more? Frank is still waiting for ransom to be paid, carefully watched by the same group captors whom he now knows quite intimately…. it looks however like he might have to grow his hair a bit longer as everyone is donating to Tsunami victims instead.

After this eventful run, everyone gathered around the cars for beers and water and got ready for the circle which was unfortunately missed by the writer of this piece of wild fantasy.Thank you Andrew, for an unforgettable afternoon in Bangkok.


On Monday 24 January we had 17 Harriers, 9 Harriettes, 2 new boots and 1 visitor, total = 29.  Returners included "Jumpstart", John McBirnie, Roberto "Forget Me Not" Guzman, Anyaporn "Ex-Mrs. Mini" Pongampai, and Simon "Mudguard" Kitchen.   Welcome to the two New Boots, Ead Chanpahol and Peter "Dripper" Wallbank.

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