Run No:-


Date:- 14 March 2005


Baan Tim Daly


Tim Daly



After a motobike taxi, riverboat cruise, another motobike, subway, skytrain, BMTA bus, tuktuk and a short lift by Tom Sorensen your scribe finally arrived at the Daly Palace  and was promptly greeted by the gut-sniffing family dog. There were some hashers already there and others kept coming in. An Aussie made the remark that the Palace would make an excellent bed and breakfast place.

At 5.30 PM we moved to the nearby football field where luxury transport, in the form of two pickup trucks were waiting. The truck that your scribe got into had mash wire at the back which held the hashers from falling down. Heavy traffic made going slow, to the laughters of the  natives, who probably had never seen farangs being transported in this mode. Ther was a small group of harriettes who had the pleasure of being transported in a top class luxury van.

Finally Wat Geophitak was reached and the run started along the concrete path. When the 90 degree right turn came, your scribe decided to go left instead, followed by Imelda and a few others. The rest of the back disappeared towards the other end of the long fishpond. The shortcutters soon found paper and followed it solving a few checks on the way. Along the klong behind the housing estate and then finally the small pack entered the Wat from the other end. It was about 35 minutes into the run, and Imelda promptly berated your scribe for making her do the short cut and so for not letting her have enough exercise, etc etc. Ten minutes later other hashers started to come in and then the two trucks were boarded again.  But this time the traffic was eased a bit and hashers were scared to death by the driving skills of the black old pickup truck. Someone commented that this style of driving got Imelda a bit upset, making her do "Oi, oi, oi" sounds.

Back at the Daly Palace was the ample supply of cold drinks and  snacks. There was also a proper shower. After having the usual after-the-run conversation while having cold beer, the circle was called. Down-downs were awarded for a number of real and imaginary guilty acts. Prick of the week was applauded. More beer and then the ON ON ON at the patio of the Palace.  Excellent food prepared by Tim and Kim Normal was much appreciated. Your scribe, who normally does not stay back, was glad that he stayed on.  Another great day in heaven. Life is difficult here! Thanks go to Tim, Kim and other hares, organizers, for the afternoon  and the evening. ON!ON!      


On Monday 14 March we had 20 Harriers, 11 Harriettes, 2 new boots and 2 visitors, total = 35. Returners included Wichanee "Imelda" Charutas, Frank "Rubber Turd" Kvistgaard, Lisbet Kvistgaard, Tom "Man Called Horse" Sorenson, David "Hot Mix" Lynton and Som "Non-Stop". Welcome to New Boots Chris "Dickus Erectus" Webley and John Hawkins

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