Run No:-


Date:- 2 May 2005




Matt "AR" Ryder



Over the weekend I was able to experience the joys of running in the green jungles of Phuket.  Lots of greenery, fresh air, and no traffic, dogs, or non runners on the trail.  Last night I was able to experience the other end of the spectrum in downtown Bangkok. We met at Matt’s residence and place of business.  Something to do with Thai slots!!

 In the absence of almost the entire mismanagement team it was up to the trailmaster to get things in motion and act as GM for the night.  Avoiding food stalls and parked cars we ran down the soi, did a loop and were soon in the ‘countryside’.  An interesting trail followed, twisting and turning through construction sites, destruction sites, along putrid khlongs, or maybe they really were open sewers, with vicious dogs and much friendlier people to keep one alert.  At the first check we were aided by a helpful security guard who pointed out the trail across a very slim ‘bridge’ and cleverly hidden behind an iron fence.  Interesting. 

Anyway back to slime and rubbish, under a few expressways, rickety wooden paths, and then weaving through the small sois linking the homes in this area, and back into the more affluent area from which we started in about 45 minutes as promised by the hare.  Not long enough for some with Turd and Joylide heading out again for some more exercise!  Do we really believe that?  A different run, not pretty but certainly interesting, and I quite enjoyed it.  The circle was well conducted by the Aussie duo, Lenscap and AKM with Prick of the Week being awarded to some young athletic guy who saved AKM’s hide the previous weekend.  The On On On was well attended and paid for by the hare.  What a great run!!!.  Thanks Matt who by the way is creating some sort of record by setting a run on every Hash in the space of a fortnight!!


On Monday 2 May we had 22  Harriers, 10 Harriettes,  0 new boots and 7 visitors, total = 39.  Welcome to the multitude of returners including George "Subhuman" Bevington, Jack Hawkins, John "Sheep Shunter" Hendrickson, Matt Bruggen, Mike "Sugar Daddy" Burgess, Neil "Weedeater" Biggadyke, Tom "Pussy Virus" Ellefsen, Wolfgang Dettman, Cindy "Cinderella" Taylor, Diane "Lion King" Furst, Kim "Normal" Chaubert, Lynda "No Meat" Sharpe, Noi "Light My Fire" Chomphoophuen, and Som "Non-Stop" Burgess.

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