Run No:-


Date:- 9 May 2005


Sukhumvit Soi 10


Mike Hawkins


Todd "Spinning Dwarf" Wilkie

Big Bamboo

 Given I had such a thoroughly enjoyable time on Monday night, I have volunteered to put a few words to paper to describe the evening's frivolity.

The venue was a vast open space on Sukhumvit in what was formerly a beer bar area and will soon be Chuwit Memorial Public Park. The hash certainly was set in a style that we are not quite familiar with here in Bangkok. Very long checks.... even the initial one that re-crossed starting point A. If you ran Matt "Anal Rape" Ryder's full moon hash on Friday, you would have seen some of the same Tobacco Monopoly territory covered by Hare John "Hawk" Hawkins. Due to the hare's stand-in status, he was forgiven for laying a "city run"...not something we want to see our hares getting into the habit of setting.

Mini is still off overseas and Hornless Hash Horn Mike "Sugar Daddy" Burgess stood-in to conduct the circle, followed by RA AKM. We were joined by returning old-timers Mike "Stiffy" Lauer and Dick "Lick Dearly" Leary. A brief shower had some scurrying for cover. Late arrival Andrew "Turd Burglar" Cunningham won Prick of the Week honours.

Suda's on soi 14 was the site of the On On meal and what a meal it was. Lots of that special magic was present (which usually occurs once in every four or five On Ons). Hash songs were sung loudly and the acappella trio of Stiffy, Sebastion and AKM emptied the restaurant of non-hashers. Stiffy's signature song, Big Bamboo, was heard for the first time by several of BMH3's newer boots. We drank copious quantities of amber fluid and a large contingent headed on on on to nearby entertainment establishments to continue singing Big Bamboo late into the night.

Melody - Working For the Yankee Dollar

 I asked my lady what should I do,
To make her happy, not make her blue,
She said, "The only thing I want from you,
Is a little bitty of the big bamboo."


She wanted the big bamboo, bamboo,
Eye eye-eye eye-eye-eye,
Working for the Yankee dollar.

So I gave her a coconut,
She said, "I like him, he's okay,
But there's just one thing that worries me,
What good are the nuts without the tree?"

So I sold my lady a banana plant,
She said, "I like him, he's elegant,
We should not let him go to waste,
But he's much too soft to suit my taste."

So I bought my lady a sugar cane,
The fruit of fruits, I did explain,
But she was tired of him very quick,
She said, "I'd rather get my lips around your dip stick."

So I gave my honey a rambutan,
Soft and prickly, how the juices ran,
She said, "I've seen a fruit like this before,
But it had a long stalk and two pips in the core."

She met a chinaman, Him Hung Low,
They got married, went to Mexico,
But she divorced him very quick,
She said, "I want bamboo, not chopstick."


On Monday 9 May we had 16 Harriers, 7 Harriettes,  0 new boots and 5 visitors, total = 28. Welcome to returners including  Mike "Stiffy" Lauer, Dick "Lick Dearly" Leary, Tim "Crash" Daly, Peter "Haterpeacox" Haycox and Bo "Minus 10" Eskesen.  Prick of the week went to Andrew "Turd Burglar" Cunningham.

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