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Run 1191.  16 January 2006.  Hua Pla Restaurant, Bang Na-Trad.  Hares:- Andrew "No No" Murison.

Andrew "No No" Murison. Merely mentioning the name excites the olfactory nerves. It promises the aroma of putrid flesh wafting across the run site. And once again, No No does not disappoint! The rotting fish restaurant was in fine form, offering up a particularly sharp poke in the nose for arriving hashers. 

Thirty odd souls gleefully fled the scene back towards the motorway to start a large, meandering loop. Lots of well-placed back checks keep the young punks honest, and the group storms in after 45 minutes or so, with the GM and his cronies sweeping the trail. The increasingly battered evidence of late arrival Pussy Virus is by now parked in the lot, so he's obviously storming his way around as we crack open the first life-affirming bottles.

The honorable GM calls the circle and starts meting out his usual arbitrary punishment in typically capricious fashion. This keeps everyone on their toes and most respond by slogging down as much piss as possible as quickly as their throats can snap open. The RA continues the theme, executing summary judgments that have no basis in fact, logic, or reason. The group agrees that No No has set another fine run. Nazi-helmeted Motorcycle Commander Guy makes his regular appearance, addressing his troops in the takraw court across the way. SNAFU

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