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AGM Run 2028, 7 November 2022
Location: Taling Chan, The Junction
Hare: Granny's Tits and Checkless

The 7th of November on the AGM day
The last time for Codpiece to lead us away
Granny’s tit’s mumbled with marks on the wall
Like an algebra lesson or nothing at all

On On was called by our now ex GM
We looked forward to the party and usual mayhem
But first the run set by GT and Checkless
Reccyed by GT, it was bound to be reckless

Ibo Ibo dashed straight off out of sight
He had to come back as the trail went right
Into some shiggy and down an old track
An FT into bananas, we had to come back

The checks at the start were really quite clever
We ran left and right and the pack stayed together
But then it started, GT had been thinking
He’s not good at that, he should stick to drinking

Grannie’s tit’s had committed major chalk abuse
His markings were nonsense and of little use
The time-honored system of laying a trail
Means the simple hash folk are unlikely to fail

Gung was so bored with running ahead
She started to skip with one leg instead
4x2 crused following trail on the dot
While others who checked had to pass him a lot

Back to point A for beers as our prize
Trying on shirts to find the right size
It was time for the circle, the GM’s last chance
To hold our attention and lead his last dance

He called in Tinker when The Tickler he meant
Out of the circle Tinker wouldn’t be sent
Tickler and Gringo were praised, Eetan wasn’t here
All 3 of them set 3 runs each last year

Then we all had to vote for the years best hare
Sizzler ran a rectangle and George ran a square
But Bullit won the cup full of beer
His 2,000th run got the loudest cheer

In to the Junction for drinks and fare
Stopping for photos on the way there
1st the whole team all dressed in blue
Then ex Gm’s - one day that will be you

The committee were assembled and grouped in a huddle
All thanked by the GM and given socks for their trouble
They then dispersed and the GM took the floor
Announcing the new guys to tumultuous roar

Some old tarts were there experienced and steady
And young blood to charge forward as soon as they’re ready
We thank Maverick for web stuff sometimes quite funny
And reliable Spinning Dwarf for counting our money

4x2 and Tinker will have nothing to say
As Bubalube will always be there to RA
Checkless will write of our hashing frolics
With his classic injection of nonsense on bollocks

Father Joseph’s team of Nibbles and Matt
Will be snapping us athletes plus this and that
Your Hash habberdash was meant to be Splat
Her response to the post was “I’m not doing that”

A surprise for some was your new number one
Only this year she started to come
As an FRB always running faster
I’m sure she will make an excellent grand Master?


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