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Run site:- Dusit, Payap Pier, Si Yaan (ท่าเรือพายัพ)

Location approximately N13.78746 E100.50829   Map/แผนที่

logoBTS By BTS (more info)

At Victory Monument, walk toward the obelisk, down the stairs on the left to the street level, and to where the buses park.

You take bus #14 (orange 8 Baht or yellow 13 Baht) all the way to the end of the line at the river. The bus turns around about 100 m before the boat landing.

Disembark and walk to the beer wagon. If the bus conductor wonders where you are going, say "taa nam". ("Nam" with a high tone.) Add "maam" just to be polite.

logoCP By River Boat (more info)

Go to any Chao Phraya Express Boat pier that shows an orange flag.

Take an orange-flag boat to the Payap Pier (N18). (ท่าเรือพายัพ) The cost is B15 or less.

Disembark and walk about 20m to the run site - i.e. the beer wagon.

If you start at the Taksin Bridge pier the ride up river should take less than an hour.

logoTaxi By Car/Taxi (more info)

From anywhere, take the Second Stage Expressway (for the sticklers, it’s part of the Srirat Tollway system) to the Rama VI exit.

Drive to the Rama VI/ Nakon Chaisi Road T-intersection. ("Rong Grawng Nam" - traffic lights.)

Turn into Nakon Chaisi Road, and drive (crossing the RR tracks) about 3 km all the way to the end of the road at the river.

Call Short-Shorts at 092-961-3330 (or 062-534-4609) if you get lost.

Useful words to say to your driver
Turn left Leo sigh Turn right Leo kwah Straight on Trong pie Stop Yoot

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