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Run site:- Ladprao, Sukhonthasawat Soi 20 (ลาดพรัาว ถนนสุคนธสวัสด 20)

Location:- N13.82292 E100.61760   Map/แผนที่

logoBTS By BTS (more info)

Take the train to Prakanong and leave the station by Exit 1 or Exit 3.

Get a taxi and after a few hundred metres turn left onto the Chalong Rat (Ramindra) Expressway (ทางด่วน รามอินทรา).

Then follow the taxi directions below.

logoTaxi By Car/Taxi (more info)

Head north on Chalong Rat (Ramindra) Expressway and return to ground by Exit 14.

About 1.5km after coming down to ground do not take the flyover but at the traffic lights turn left into Prasoet Manukit Road.

After 600m at the traffic lights turn left into Sukhonthasawat Road.

After 900m turn left into Sukhonthasawat Soi 14.

At the end of this soi turn right into Sukhonthasawat Soi 20.

After 70m you have reached your destination which is an unoccupied muddy lot on the left side of the street.

Park vehicles on the street. Do not attempt to park in the muddy lot.

If you are coming from Nonthaburi look at the map and figure out the best route for you.

Useful words to say to your driver
Turn left Leo sigh Turn right Leo kwah Straight on Trong pie Stop Yoot

This page last updated: 2 Jul 2019