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There are many ways to get to the run, and the routes shown below are just examples. Look at the location map to decide on the best way for you. For more about public transport in Bangkok click here.

All distances shown are approximate.

Run site:- Prawet, just past Onnut Soi 55/1 (ประเวศ อ่อนนุช ถัดจากซอย 55/1)

Location:- N13.71907 E100.66698   Map/แผนที่

logoBTS By Green Line

Take the train to Onnut and leave by Exit 3.

Walk back to Soi Onnut and take taxi down Onnut.

Go for 8km passing over Srinakarin Road and under Pattanakan Road.

The run site is 700m past Pattanakan, just past Soi 55/1.


logoTaxi By Car/Taxi

Head out of town on Petchaburi and then Pattanakan roads.

Pass over Srinakarin Road and when you get to the big Onnut junction turn left.

After 700m, just past Onnut 55/1, turn left through the gateway shown above.

Useful words to say to your driver
Turn left Leo sigh Turn right Leo kwah Straight on Trong pie Stop Yoot

This page last updated: 24 Mar 2022