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Run site:- Bottom of Suksawat Road, Pra Samut Chedi district (อ. พระสมุทรเจดย์)

Location: N13.54370 E100.57279   Map/แผนที่

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Get on the expressway and follow signs for Dao Khanong.

After crossing the Rama 9 Bridge take the first exit for Suksawat Road (ถนนสุขสวัสดิ์).

Keep going straight on Suksawat Road and after about 12.5 km.

When you reach a three-way junction at Pra Samut Chedi (พระสมุทรเจดย์) turn right - signposted to Pra Chulachomklao Fortress (ปัอมพระจุลฯ).

Follow this road for about 5.7km and park on tge left at the restaurant between two bridges.

If you reach the entrance to the naval base turn round and go back a few hundred metres.

Useful words to say to your driver
Turn left Leo sigh Turn right Leo kwah Straight on Trong pie Stop Yoot

This page last updated: 29 Mar 2019