Misdirections to Bang Len Soi 21
 Last updated: 22/11/08

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From Downtown Bangkok.
Cross the river via Phra Nang Klao bridge and zero odometer in the middle of the river.

After hitting land keep right and follow direction Bang Bua Thong. At 1.6km take the fly-over and at 4km go left to the frontage road (follow Bang Kruay). When you reach the traffic lights (4.8km) take left and continue for about 3km until you get to the Why? Junction at 7.9km. At this Y-junction, which has been transformed into a kind of roundabout, go left and immediately (within 5m) right into Soi Bang Len 21 (under archway). For the more lunatic drivers replace left & right with a blind go straight while blowing ur horn. Overhead archway reads “Wat Bang Len Charoen”, at least it did before the flood.

Follow the winding Soi Bang Len 21 and till Tea Junction at 8.9km. At this T0junction with Soi Bang Krang 39 (sign in Thai and English) turn left. The road keeps on winding like it doesn't have a clue where you wanna go. Do you? Anyway, when you see an open field with on your right at 9.4km with parked cars you might or might not be at the right place. HHH sign? Maybe… Same run site as Siam Sunday 300 run.

Alternative route is via Rama V bridge, Nakhon Inn, Bang Kruay Sai Noi. Before Y junction go into Bang Len Soi 21. But if your not familiar with those roads, follow directions above.

There will be a bonus trail for the first ones in – if you want to run that better bring a flashlight. Main trail is of sensible length, if not a brilliant lenght.

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie