Misdirections  to the Baan George Morgan

Destination:- 284 Moobaan Panya Soi 34-36

Option 1 Driving (Normal Roads)

Head out of town on Petchburi Road. At Klong Tan you will go over a long flyover. Here Petchburi Road changes its name to Patanakarn Road.

Continue for about 2km, when you should pass a T junction with traffic lights and a wide road intersecting from the left.

After about 200m at the next traffic lights opposite a Shell station on the left you will see Patanakarn Soi 30 on the right, but the road is blocked so you cannot turn right into it.  Instead carry on and soon do a u-turn under a tunnel, and as you return turn left into Soi 30.

Continue down Soi 30 for 2km going straight over a crossroads and arrive at the front gate of Moobaan Panya which is otherwise a dead end. Tell the guard you are going to house 284.

There are signs pointing the direction of the sois and you are looking for Soi 34.  Turn right at the roundabout. Cross another hump backed bridge at high speed (siooaaaw!) turn hard left after the bridge in front of a row of scraggy looking shop houses.

Turn right at the T junction by the tennis courts. After another 300 m turn right into Soi 34 and then hard left into the sub-soi. About 50 m up you will arrive at no. 284 on your right. Park in the soi.

Option 2 Driving (Expressways)

Get on to the Rama 9 expressway in the direction of Chonburi Motorway.

Soon after paying Baht 25 toll turn off following sign to Ram Indra, Bang Na, and Ramkamhaeng Road. Keep going hard left towards another set of toll booths and avoid going down the exit ramp to Ramkamhaeng Road.

Pay Baht 20 at the toll booth and immediately veer right following sign to Bang Na, having to drive over a set of cats eyes just past the toll booth to get right, if only one booth is open. Drive around the long loop and you are on the Ram Indra Expressway going South.

Take first exit to Patanakarn Road which you join by the end of the Klong Tan flyover. Continue as in Option 1. 

Coming from Bang Na Trat Road turn on to the Ram Indra Expressway going north and take first exit to Patanakarn Road.
Turn left into Patanakarn and U-turn almost immediately under the Klong Tan flyover. Proceed as in Option 1.
By Skytrain:-

Take the skytrain to the terminus Onnut. Walk out of the station in the same direction the train was travelling in. Walk as far as you can on the elevated walk way and go down the pedestrian bridge on the left hand side. You are now at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 81.

Choose one of the waiting "motosai" taxi drivers who preferably doesn't smell too strongly of alchohol and/or ganja or flag down a cab. Ask for Onnut Soi 17 (sipjet), Moobaan Panya. Wind your way up Soi 81 for about 1.5 km until you come to a crossroads with traffic lights. This crosses Sukhumvit Soi 77 (Onnut).

Go straight over the crossroads and you are in Onnut Soi 17. Proceed 700 m crossing a klong bridge along the way and you will see a red light flashing on your right. This marks the back gate of Moobaan Panya.

Turn right into the gate and tell the guard you are going to house 284 and he will take ID from the driver not from you and will relieve "motosai" taxi drivers of their helmets.

Go straight ahead and turn left at a junction after 600 m. Turn right, then hard left into Soi 36 and hard right into the sub-soi. 70 metres up you will reach no. 284 on your left.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie



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