Misdirections to Bang Pakong

Last updated: 6 January, 2012

Take the Bang Na Trat Elevated expressway to Chon Buri.

At the toll booth at the end of the expressway zero your odometer.

At 1.7 km exit to the frontage road.

At 2.2 km take the U-turn bridge.

You are now driving back direction Bangkok, stay on the frontage road.

At 4.3 km turn left into Klong Tamru 6 (Hash sign)

At 4.8 km turn left (Hash sign)

At 5.1 turn left and go across the bridge (if you car has low clearance be careful).

At 5.3 turn left.

At 5.6 turn right and keep following the winding road.

At 8.1 go straight onto the gravel parking next to the sala.


1) OnOnOn will be on site, catered for by Nibbles and Crash

2) The run is in the middle of nowhere, BRING A FLASHLIGHT.

3) Local mosquitoes are the size of dragonflies, bring mosquito spray.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-

The runsite is about 70km from downtown Bangkok, so would be a very expensive taxi ride. If you can't get a lift go for a jog and a beer or two in Lumphini Park instead.

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot