Misdirections to Tha Nam Bang Pho (Bang Pho pier)

Last updated: 4 December, 2009

HOW TO GET THERE:  I don't have a car, so good luck!  I have made this a very non-car accessible run because of Songkran for anyone who wants to avoid the traffic.

By Boat
Take the yellow flag or orange flag (yellow's faster) express boat from whatever hovel you live in "wiv your missus" and head North to Bang Pho Pier (unless you live North of Bang Pho, then head South).  Exit boat, walk into street, look for half-naked elderly people milling about in a confused state and acting surprised to see the same people they see every other day.

Hurtle over the protests and water throwers by some combination of skytrain and subway and end up at MRT Bang Sue station, the last station on the North end of the MRT (closest BTS exchange is Chatuchak Park).  Exit the station and get a moto taxi or regular taxi to "Tha Nam Bang Pho" or Bang Pho Pier.  If, for some reason, this befuddles your recently-arrived-from-Roi-Et driver, tell him "See Yehk Bang Pho" which is my idiot pidgin version of Bang Pho Four Way, it's next to the pier and that's what everyone says in the 'hood.  You'll go in a straight line about 2 kilometers until you hit the water, then get out (before you go into the water) and look for the aforementioned cast of Cocoon.

By Automobile:
There are about a million ways to get here depending on where you are, but the common way from central Bangkok is probably to take the expressway North like you're going to Nonthaburi.  Get off (left, heading West) at Ratchadapisek and continue straight toward Rama VII Bridge.  Resist the urge to turn right at Thanon Krugthep Nonthaburi - so DO NOT TURN AT NONTHABURI - continue straight toward Rama VII Bridge.  Once you cross Thanon Krungthep Nonthaburi, Ratchadapisek magically becomes Thanon Wong Sawang.  Continue straight on Wong Sawang toward the Rama VII Bridge.

Just before you get to the Rama VII Bridge, there will be an exit that curves off left from Wong Sawang - take that exit.  You'll curve left, then right, and then come to a red light intersection.  At this light turn left and you'll be on Pratcha Rat Sai 1.  The road will immediately curve around to the left and then come to a three way with a market on the left-hand side - follow the traffic to the right at the three way (turn right at three way).  Continue straight down Pratcha Rat Sai 1.  

After a bit you'll see Soi 19 on your right.  Continue over a Khlong and then keep an eye out on your right for Pratcha Rat Sai 2 - there should also be a sign for the Bang Pho Pier.  There's also a Thai Military Academy on the corner (Bang Pho Pre-Military School).  Turn right here and park wherever you can - we'll see how it goes!  Songkran and all.  If you get lost, just ask people for Tha Nam Bang Pho.

If you're coming from West of the river, cross at Rama VII bridge and figure this out or cross at Kreung Thon (Sanhee) and figure it out.  As long as you end up on Pratcha Rat Sai 1, which mirrors the river, you can't get lost.

The On On On will be across the street at Saranrom, which is pretty much my favorite restaurant and reminds me of home and also of what a brothel looks like in Tickler's home state of West Virginny.


Here's a scan of the business card for the On On On if you get lost or need directions or if you're Tom and want to take Marc somewhere "nice" this week. Here is the restaurant sign.


Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot