Misdirections to Suk San Village, Bang Khae

Last updated: 15 March, 2016

By BTS Skytrain

Take the train to Wutthakat and leave the station by Exit 1 or 2.

Get a taxi heading out of town.

Follow the directions below (subtract about 5km from each distance).

From Sathorn

Head west on Sathorn Road and cross over Taksin Bridge (zero your odometer on bridge).

At about 5km go straight following the sign for Kallaprapruk - Kanchanaphisek.

At 8.8km take the flyover marked Bang Khae - Kanchanaphisek.

At 10km take the second flyover marked Bang Khae - Kanchanaphisek (ignore the blue diamond Bang Khae Road).

At about 12.5 km take the ramp turning right marked Bang Khae - Bang Bua Tong - Nakhon Pathom onto Route 9 Kanchanaphisek, heading North.

Keep in the left-hand lane, and after a further 1 km or so look for the sign Nakhon Pathom (the centre lane sign is Bang Khae - Suphan Buri - Bang Bua Thong, keep out of this lane).

Pass a green sign U-Turn on the side of the road.

Just after a yellow T-junction sign at approximately 14 km, turn left under a low arched entrance to Suk San Village.

After 0.7 km pass the On On On "TEN Restaurant" on the left and park near the last intersection before wall at the end of the road. Look out for the hare's red Volvo.

On the return trip, turn left out of "Suk San Village", take the U-turn, go south approximately 1.5 km keeping in the left lane, and just before the U-turn, turn left and head back the way you came.

From Klong Toei

Head south-west on Rama 3 Road.

Cross the Chao Phaya River on the Rama 3 Bridge.

Follow this road as it curves to the right and heads north.

As the elevated Ratchaphruek expressway and the BTS overhead railway comes into view, filter left. Look for the overhead green road-sign “Tha Phra”.

Turn left at the “Tha Phra” sign. This is a major road junction with traffic lights.

Take the ramp up to the elevated the Ratchpruek expressway (passed Talat Phlu BTS station).

Head west on “Ratchaphruek” expressway. At the sign “Kallaprapruek - Kanchanaphisek” go straight ahead (do not take the route left to “Petch Kasem” on the Ratchaphruek flyover heading north).

Follow the signs for “Bang Khae - Kanchanaphisek” and the directions above.

If you need help, call the hare on 08 1762 1969.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot