Misdirections to somewhere between Bang Kapi and Minburi

Go on Rama 9 Road to the junction of Ramkhamheng. Turn left onto Ram Khamheng and follow it all the way out to the extension called Sukhapiban 3.

When you see the big sign for the Outer Ring Road there will be a traffic light. At 1.8 beyond this traffic light will be another traffic light at Soi Rat Patthana (look for the big Mistine sign on the left and an HHH sign).

Turn right here and follow the road for 2 km. At the Siam Waxy sign continue straight for another 2 km until you reach the end of the road at the steep bridge. Park.

A special message from hare Mini: "Wear something red, bring a commie flag, whatever! I, of course, will be wearing my red shoes in honour of the ultimate collapse of the monolithic capitalist transglobal corporate state".

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