Misdirections to Nakhon Inn Road
 Last updated: 06/12/08

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Cross the Rama 5 Bridge.
After about 1.5km filter left for the Bang Kruay-Bang Bua Tong road.  Do not continue over the flyover.
Before you reach the traffic lights make a U-turn under the bridge.  You are now heading back towards the river.
Stay on the frontage road and afer 1.4km look for a HHH sign on your left.
Turn into a small soi just past the restaurant, which has no name written in English, called "Ron Baan Nok Kao Krung."
Park behind the restaurant where all the half-naked, lecherous old men seem to be filming a 1950s blue film without women.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie