Mis-Directions to Pakkret (Krua Mae Nam Restaurant)

Go north on the 2nd stage expressway towards Chaeng Wattana.  Go through the 10 baht toll plaza and carry on past the Ngam Wong Wan exit.  Take the next exit onto Chaeng Wattana Road heading west (left) towards the river.

After about 4km you will reach a major cross roads (Thanon Tivanon) and when the traffic lights eventually turn green go straight across.  Follow the road into downtown Pakkret, and eventually you will be forced to make a U-turn where the road reaches the river.  

Abandon your taxi and walk along a path to your right (as you face the river).  After about 50 metres turn left down another alleyway which takes you to a small jetty.  Get a ferry from this jetty to Wat Toey on the other side of the river.  The run starts from the restaurant beside the jetty you should land at (Krua Mae Nam).

Self drive fans can, if they're very lucky, find somewhere to park along the main road near the river. Better still, turn left about 200 metres before the end of the road and the U-turn, drive for about 300 metres, and park in Wat Sanam Neua ahead of you.

To drive all the way there (not recommended)...

On the toll way go past the Chang Wattana exit and take the next exit left onto Sri Saman Road the 307 (may also be signposted 345 TIT)  after about 2kms there is a major junction go straight and over the river. When you go over the Chao Phaya zero your odometer at the crest of the bridge.

At 2.9 continue straight. The 307 will go right/north but you and the road changes to 345. Keep going now on the 345 (English A road) .

At 7.4 turn left onto a "B" road. (Any other "major" turning will be either 2kms before or 2kms after so there is no confusion). It is actually a cross roads and on the right will be the obligatory shop houses. Last time I was there there was nothing on the left. This B road goes straight as an arrow for approx 2.6 kms then makes 3 zig-zag turns , first right for 60m  , then left for 250m, then left again (school). Keep following the road.

At 11.6 take the small road that will be straight ahead.ie slight turn right.  The B road will turn 90 deg left. This smaller road is also straight for about 1.1km.

At 12.9 turn right at a T junction.

At 13.1 go straight and into the parking by the Wat/river.

View a map showing the run location

By Skytrain:-

Get the train to Morchit.  Go down to the street on the same side as the platform (beside Chatuchak Park).  Get a taxi heading out of town.  After 1km at a big intersection the taxi should turn left onto Viphavadee Rangsit Road.  

After a further 8.5km, at Laksi, turn left onto Chaeng Wattana Road.  5km along this road you will go underneath the expressway.  Now follow the directions above.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie



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