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Run site:- Pattana Chonnabot 3 Road (ถนนพ้ฒาชนบท ซอย 3)

Location approximately N13.74848 E100.71530.

By Airport Rail Link (more info)

Take the train to Ban Thap Chang.

When you get down to the ground walk for 100m heading out of town before turning left to the motorway frontage road.

Use the footbridge to cross the motorway to the frontage road on the far side.

Get a taxi heading out of town. You are about 1km from where the frontage road curves left, so follow the directions below.

Most local taxi drivers know Kanchanapisek Soi 25 (ถนนกาญจนาภิเษก ซอย 25), and some might know Pattana Chonnabot 3 (ถนนพ้ฒาชนบท ซอย 3) so this makes it easier to direct the taxi.

By Car/Taxi (more taxi info)

Take Rama 9 Road or Rama 9 Expressway out of town towards the airport.

After you go over Sri Nakarin Road move over to the left, and just before the first footbridge enter the frontage road.

Continue going straight, keeping to the left of the U-turn bridge.

About 6.5 kms after joining the frontage road, follow the road as it curves round to the left, now running parallel to Kanchanapisek Road.

About 1.5 kms from this left curve, and just before the road goes over a klong bridge, turn right and make a U-turn passing under the Kanchanapisek Road in a broad loop.

When you emerge from this U-turn, turn right, heading back in the opposite direction. (Be careful, this is a dangerous right turn, as you are entering a road with two-way traffic.)

After 50 metres turn left into Kanchanapisek Soi 25 (ถนนกาญจนาภิเษก ซอย 25).

Follow Soi 25 for about 1.8km until you reach the T junction with Pattana Chonnabot 3 Rd.

Turn left and drive for approximately 600m.

Look for the restaurant sign above and turn left. Drive approximately 200m to the restaurant on left.

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn rightLeo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot

This page last updated: 29 March, 2016