Misdirections  to Maeprung Pra Pao Restaurant

Cross over Rama 5 Bridge heading west.  Carry on over the first flyover, and about 4 km from the bridge don't go over the next flyover but instead negotiate a big roundabout.

Turn left towards Borom Ratchachanni Rd and keep to the left.  Take the first underpass U-turn (after about 2 km) coming back towards the roundabout.

About 1 Km from the U-turn there will be a sign for the frontage road.

The new restaurant is right at the entrance to the frontage road and has a big green and red sign in Thai.

Park at the back.

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie



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