Misdirections to the Yuan Yi Restaurant, Nonthaburi

Last updated: 30 December, 2012

Yuan Yi restaurant is about 800m on the Nakhon Inn/Tiwanon frontage road coming from Rama 5 Bridge, on the Nonthaburi side.

Yuan Yi restaurant sign

Location map

From the south/west

Go north on Ratchapreuk.

Turn right onto Nakhon Inn Road at the massive underpass/roundabout and zero odo.

After 5.25km cross the Rama 5 Bridge and exit left at sign Nonthaburi.

Stay in middle descending lane to go straight across at the traffic lights at the bottom of the ramp.

Continue on the frontage road for about 0.8km to the restaurant. Park at rear.

From 2nd stage expressway

Head north and take the Ratchadapisek exit (a.k.a. Prachanukun). Zero odo.

After going straight on at the first traffic lights keep right to go over the Wong Sawang flyover at 2km.

Just before Rama 7 Bridge ramp at about 4.7km bear left at sign to Nonthaburi.

Turn right at traffic lights travelling up Pibun Songkram Road.

At junction with Nakhon Inn/Tiwanon Road (at around 7km see up ramp to bridge directly overhead) turn right onto the frontage road.

Keep left on frontage road and find restaurant on left 0.8km from last turn. Park at rear.


Exit the 2nd stage expressway after Ngam Wongwan toll-booth.

Turn left at Ngam Wongwan Road and keep in left lane to turn left onto Tiwanon Road at Khae Rai Junction.

Keep on Tiwanon Road, passing Ministry of Health MRT stop under construction, bridge over Pratcharat Road with Big C on right continuing towards Rama 5 Bridge.

Get into left lane then into frontage road just before bridge ramp up (sign Nonthaburi) and do a U-turn under the bridge ramp road.

Keep left on frontage road and find restaurant on left. Park at rear.

This run will be specifically designed for New Year revellers with assistance of friendly Nonthaburi locals. It will ensure that if you are running back in the impending darkness, you will not be in the bush but under some street lights on a minor mubaan soi. No ball-breaker this but bush there is indeed – but this is at the beginning during the remaining hours of daylight. Expert input to enable everyone to get back the circle, the on on if wanted, and then safely on to your New Year rendezvous with your beloved... errgh?

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:


Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot