Misdirections to Lom Choi Restaurant, near Rose Garden, Sam Phran

Last updated: 30 November, 2010

Note. This run will start at 4pm.

Take route 4, Phetkasem Road out of town going west.

About 8kms after passing under Outer Ring Road (route 9), go under Puthamonton Sai 4 road and countdown Phet Kasem Sois to 99 then up to Soi Thesaban 15 passing BIG C on your left at Kilometre marker 26. Move left.

At Soi Thesaban 15 turn left at footbridge overhead with multiple green traffic signs in Thai and traffic lights just beyond. This is at Kilometre Marker 29.

Zero your odometer. Go through flashing traffic lights and over Chaisi River at 2.6km.

At 3.6 km at sign Ban Pong Liamgo left off main road (which bends hard to the right) onto minor road.

At 4.1km turn into Lom Choi restaurant on right.

OR: (probably quicker)

Go north on Ratchapreuk road and turn left onto Borom Ratchachonni Road going west.

Approximately 8km after passing under the Outer Ring Road (route 9) get into frontage road to turn left at Puthamonton Sai 4. Signs Salaya – Puthamonton.

Keep in furthest left lane and go south (sign Puthamonton) 8.5km to Phet Kasem (route 4).

Go over Phet Kasem (sign Sam Phran) and U turn at U Turn Bridge, return to Phet Kasem and turn left onto route 4 at Sakon Krasem junction.

Proceed as above following soi numbers and kilometre markers to Thesaban 15 – approx 8kms distance. Zero odometer on left turn and proceed as above.


Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:


Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn leftLeo sigh
Turn rightLeo kwah
Straight on Trong pie