Misdirections to Ruang Chom Dao restaurant, Kheha Rom Klao Soi 45

Last updated: 4 December, 2009

Via Chonburi Motorway and Outer Ring Road East

On Chonburi Motorway, just after you cross over Sri Nakarin Road, zero your odometer at the big mosque on your right. At 6 km exit left towards Bang Pa In (highway 9 – Eastern Outer Ring Road ). At 8,7 km pay 30 baht toll.

At 10.9 km exit left towards Seri Thai / Ramkhamhaeng and at 11.5 km exit left towards Ramkhamhaeng. At the end of the exit (12.3 km) turn right onto Ramkhamhaeng and go underneath road 9. Go straight at first traffic lights (direction Minburi). At 14.8 turn right at the traffic lights onto Rat Phattana. (see also map 1)

Continue on this road for about 2 km and turn left at the traffic lights (might be out of order) onto Kheha Rom Klao (HHH sign). After 150m follow the road to the right. After another 200m don't follow the road to the left but go straight into Soi 45 (HHH sign) and park at the restaurant on the right 50m further. (see also map 2)


Via Chonburi Motorway and frontage road

(This is shorter and probably faster but directions are a bit less easy to follow if you are not familiar with the area.)

On Chonburi Motorway cross Sri Nakarin Road and after a little under 1km filter left into the frontage road before the footbridge.About 6.5 kms after joining the frontage road, follow the road as it curves around to the left, now running parallel to the Eastern Outer Ring Road.  About 1.5 kms from this left curve, and just before the road goes over a khlong bridge, turn right and make a U-turn passing under the Outer Ring Road in a broad loop. When you emerge from this U-turn, turn left, heading north.  (Be careful, this is a dangerous turn, as you are entering a road with two-way traffic.) 

Proceed north for 2.1 km and then turn right (more a 45º angle than 90º angle); no street name signposted. After 450m  you’ll hit a t-junction where you turn right onto Rat Phattana. After 1 km Rat Phattana road bends left (you will see a bulldozered area ready for construction on the right after turning left). Take the first right onto Kheha Rom Klao after 700m (HHH sign) and follow directions as above. (see map 2; shows directions from where Rat Phattana bends left)


GPS coordinates: N13 46.263 E100 42.453

Bangkok City Atlas: map 22, E5

Name of restaurant in Thai: เรือนชมดาว


Click here for Map1 (from road 9 to Rat Phattana)

Click here for Map2 (from Rat Phattana to Ruang Chom Dao)


Useful words for you to say to your driver:

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot