Misdirections to Ruang Khao Restauant, Ratchapreuk Road Nonthaburi

Last updated: 4 December, 2009

From the South:

Proceed north on Ratchapreuk Rd until the erstwhile massive yet tastefully decorated roundabout but now a construction zone at the junction with Nakorn In Road. Go north on Ratchapreuk , over the khlong bridge, under the Bang Kruay-Sai Noi Road and U turn at 3.50km, the first opportunity. Return southand when you pass under the Bang Kruay-Sai Noi road, zero your odometer and get left to turn into car park at 600 metres. HHH and Johnny Walker sign.


From Rama V bridge:

Going west from Nonthaburi towards Ratchapreuk Rd, zero odometer at foot of bridge and get into slip road either immediately or at 1.70km, exit Nakorn In Road and turn right under flyover on to Bang Kruay – Sai Noi Road. Signs for Wat Prasert. Proceed approx 4km passing Wat Prasert on your left but as you approach the bridge over Ratchapreuk Rd stay left and exit onto Ratchapreuk road. The restaurant is 300 metres on your left (HHH and Johnny Walker sign) from where you merge with the main road.


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Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot