Misdirections to Suan Koi Restaurant, Thonburi

From Sathorn Road cross the Taksin Bridge towards Thonburi. At the end of the bridge zero your odometer.

Go straight, staying right, and take the new flyover at 1.4km signposted to Ratchadapisek Road.

At 3.3 km take the flyover across Ratchadapisek Road. At 5.5km take the signposted exit left onto Phathanakarn Road.

Continue down Phathanakarn and after the Shell station on the right, turn left into Suan Koy Restaurant (Sign in Thai only with Amex in English) at 8.6 km and park (HHH sign).

Journey Time Calculation

Once you cross the bridge you can get to the restaurant in less than 15 minutes. There are no stoplights. [(90kph x 5.5k) + (50kph x 3.1k) = 8 minutes].  There is no excuse for being late! 

BTS.gif (1867 bytes) By Skytrain:-

Get the train to Surasak.  Go down to the street on the same side as the platform.  Get a taxi and after a few hundred metres you will cross the Taksin bridge.  Follow the directions above.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-


Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot

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