Misdirections to Suna Luang
Soi Udomsuk

Suan Luang Park, which is also known as Chalermprakiat Park, which is off Sukhumvit Soi 103, also known as Soi Udomsuk, also known as Chalermprakiat Road (sort that lot out).

First, take either Rama 9 or the Stage 2 Expressway east to Srinakarin.

Go south on Srinakarn past Seacon Square and Seri Centre until you reach the intersection with Soi 103 (Udomsook, whatever).  Turn left.   Zero your odometer. 

After 3.4km turn left into soi at MAX B sign & HHH (just after Q8 petrol station on your right), then drive along the Soi another 600 meters and park in front of the Park.

Alternatively take the first stage expressway east (expect a mega traffic jam for the Bang Na roadworks) to Bang Na Trat Road.  Get into the service road and after about 4km from Bang Na turn left into Srinakarin, direction Bangkapi.  Turn right at the first set of lights (after about 1.5km) into Soi 103.  Zero your odometer and follow the directions above.

For the west enders, a good alternative is to go east on the Stage 2 expressway, cross over Srinakarin, and after about 6km along the motorway take the Outer Ring Road south to Bang Na.  Less than 1 km after joining the Outer Ring Road exit left for On Nut.  Turn left onto On Nut, pass under the Outer Ring Road, and at the first set of lights turn left into Soi 103 Udomsuk.  Keep going until you see Suan Luang Park on the right (about 5km) .  Engage reverse gear, go back until you see the MAX B sign in the rear view mirror.

For moral support, plus weather report, ground conditions etc., contact the Hare on 01 443 9042

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BTS.gif (1867 bytes)By Skytrain:-

Get the train to Onnut.  Go down to the street on the same side as the platform (Exit 1).  Get a taxi heading out of town.  After about 3.2km turn left into Soi 103.  After another 4km cross Sri Nakarin Road on a flyover and then follow the directions above.

Useful words for your taxi driver:-


Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie



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