Misdirections to Suksawat, Na Kleua

Last updated: 22 May, 2012

Get on the elevated expressway and follow signs for Dao Kanong.

After crossing the Rama 9 Bridge take the first exit for Suksawat Road.

(Or you can get to Suksawat Road using the Industrial Ring Road.)

Keep going south on Suksawat Road.

About 12.5km from the expressway you will reach a three-way junction. Turn right (keeping on Suksawat Road).

After 2.4 km, before crossing a bridge over a large canal, turn right.

About 8.2 km down this road turn left and cross the new bridge.

Park on top of the second new bridge at 8.8 km.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn right Leo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot