Misdirections  to Krua Lung Phud Restaurant near Wat Prang Luang

Take the 2nd stage expressway north and exit left at Ngam Wong Wan Road (Kae Lai) in a westerly direction towards the Chao Praya River.

Drive for 6 km to the river, crossing over the Phra Nang Khlao (Hash) Bridge.

Zero your odometer at the centre of the bridge and drive 4.8 km to the 2nd sets of traffic lights. Turn left and follow the road until you reach a Y junction (odometer reading 8 km). GO RIGHT onto route 3215 and drive over the steep klong bridge at Bang Yai (9.4 km).

Follow the road left, right, left and CONTINUE past Wat Pikul Ngoen. Continue on this road for approx. 1 km and turn left onto a tar road. Drive for approx. 1 km passing Wat Sangworn on your right and passing over a small klong. Park at the restaurant before the T junction.

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