Misdirections to Wat Rakhang

Last updated: 3 December, 2010

Because of the problems with Bangkok traffic (which can be particularly bad on Fridays and Mondays) it is not advisable to try and use a car or taxi to travel to Wat Rakang.

Far and away the best method is to take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin (Taksin Bridge) and to take a river boat North up to the Tha Chan Pier (no 9).

If you are travelling on the Sukhumvit line of the BTS (which starts at On Nut,) buy a ticket that will take you to Saphan Taksin (approx. cost Baht 40) and go to Siam Station, where you will have to disembark, and transfer to the Silom line. (The station before Siam is Chit Lom.)  You will have to take the escalator and go down one level, then take a train on the Silom line heading for Wong Wian Yai station.  However, you will not be going that far, as you will disembark at the river at Saphan Taksin.  (Note: the station before Saphan Taksin is called Surasak, so when you have passed that station, then get ready to disembark.)

When you come downstairs from the platform, then turn left, pass through the ticket barriers, keep to your left and go down to street level.  Walk forward to the river and buy a ticket for Tha Chan – Pier no 9:  approx (cost Baht 14). Tha Chan is the pier which is close to the Grand Palace You should take a river boat which will display an orange flag (or sometimes both orange and yellow).  You will disembark on the RHS of the river, and will see the temple facing you opposite on the LHS. Since the boat does not stop at the Wat Rakang (left) side of the river, you must then take a cross-river boat (cost Baht 3), which leaves from very close to where you have just dis-embarked

Be careful (!) and make sure that you take the correct boat, which simply ferries people back and forth across the river – there are other boats which continue further up the river – you do not want to take one of these:  local people will help you if you tell them that you are going to Wat Rakang.  The boat will probably be marked as going from Tha Chan to Wat Rakung (note the slightly different spelling.)

Once you have crossed the river, enter the temple and keep walking through the grounds away from the river:  it is a large temple complex so keep going for about 100 yards:  you will see the room for Sunee’s prayers on the RHS, and there will also be a picture of Sunee inside.  Be aware that this is a big temple so there are likely to be several different ceremonies taking place at the same time in different parts of the Temple. There is no point in asking for Sunee’s service by name, as it is unlikely that anyone in the Wat will be able to help you (language problems etc.), so just keep looking.  But, please remember, this being Thailand, nobody will be the slightest bit concerned if you arrive 20 minutes late for the service, so if you find that you are running a bit behind schedule, don’t panic !!

Approximate journey time from On Nut BTS station to the temple will be a minimum of 1½ hours, so allow yourself plenty of time.  You are travelling at rush hour so both the Skytrain and the boats are likely to be crowded.

The prayer service itself will start at 19:00 hours (7:00 pm) and last for about 45 minutes.

When you are returning home, there will be plenty of people to advise you (or maybe even give you a lift), but it is probably easiest just to take/share a taxi to Wong Wian Yai BTS Skytrain station and travel back on the Skytrain.  (Approx taxi cost will be Baht 75, and will take about 20 minutes)

(However, do not be tempted to think that you should go to the temple by this route as traffic will be really bad around 6:00-7:00 pm, and the taxi ride from Wong Wian Yai BTS station to the temple could easily take you over an hour.)

If you have any problems, then please feel free to call NoNo on
08 6033 1726.