Misdirections to Wat Thewa Sunthorn
 Last updated: 22/11/08

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Drive north on the second stage (Chaeng Wattana) expressway.  Go through the Ngam Wong Wan toll booth and take the SECOND Ngam Wong Wan exit.

Turn left onto Ngam Wong Wan Road. (You should now be heading east.)  Get in the right lanes and fly over the Pong Phet intersection and cross Khlong Prapa. 

Continue east on Ngam Wong Wan Road (You will see PEA Tower on your left and Khlong Prem Gaol on your right).

Keep in the left hand lane and follow signs for Don Mueang and Din Daeng.  As you approach Viphavadee Rangsit road keep left and enter the slip road parallel to the flyover.  Turn left into Soi 59 (HHH SIGN) under a temple archway.

Drive to the end of this flag-bedecked soi to BMH3 valet parking.

Click here for a location map

BTS.gif (1867 bytes) By Skytrain:-
Get the train to Morchit. 
Go down to the street on the same side as the platform (beside Chatuchak Park). 
Get a taxi heading out of town.  After 1km at a big intersection the taxi should turn left onto Viphavadee Rangsit Road. 
After a further 4km get in the frontage road and pass Bang Khen station and Ngam Wong Wan Road on your left. 
About 700m after Ngam Wong Wan Road you'll see a metal footbrdge across the road.  Abandon your taxi here, go up onto the footbridge and cross the railway lines and a road and walk to the wat.

Thai words that might get your taxi going in the right direction:-

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left

Leo sigh

Turn right

Leo kwah

Straight on

Trong pie