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One Saturday afternoon in Bang Kruay in February of 1982 there was much debate after the BH3 circle about the possible formation of a Monday Hash. The arguments “for” being that Monday was the “traditional” hash day (says who?), and that some pussy whipped hashers were having constant difficulty getting pink tickets for the weekends; the arguments “against” being the mid week traffic, and the difficulties of getting to decent run sites without leaving the office at mid day, and the concern that another hash would have a negative effect on the Saturday Hash.

After several passionate declamations which were generally anti the whole idea, a vote was taken, in true democratic fashion, to resolve this issue “once and for all”, with the result being that the motion to form a Monday Hash was defeated by a resounding 30 “against” and 1 “for”.

This was therefore taken as a clear mandate to go ahead, and BMH3 was formed and had its first run on 8th March 1982.

The one vote “for” on that historic evening was none other than Terry "Pinky" Moore, aka the Pink Pontificator, who subsequently crowned himself as the first GM of BMH3, or as he preferred to call himself, the “YWHMH”. It was left to the rest of us to speculate that Pinky’s sole reason for supporting the formation of BMH3 was to satisfy his craving for the power base he knew he would be denied in BH3.

Not very surprisingly, the majority of the 34 that turned up for the inaugural run were from the group of 30 “against”.

The Monday Hash was very much considered part of the Saturday Hash at first, and started off life as a men only hash running once every two weeks (apart from run number 2, which took place three weeks after run number 1 to allow the Hare more time to get his act together – how considerate they were in those days). It continued in this fashion for a further 2 years, until, in attempt to boost flagging support, Hares Modesty Blaise and Bullet set two runs on consecutive Mondays and broke the two week cycle. Thereafter BMH3 ran every week, and very shortly after that, Knut Herzer, having taken over from Pinky as GM, declared that the runs be opened up to the fairer sex and small furry animals.

Wichanee was the first lady to join, on run 55, followed shortly afterwards by Pe (RIP) and Tim Daley, and as the number of members gradually increased BMH3 established its own strong identity and let the umbilical tie with BH3 wither away.

The following hounds made Run 1 on 8th March 1982:-

Dave WallaceLou BarberiRoger Crutchley
David LantelPat O'ConnorRussel Proctor
Derek EnscoePaul AndersonSteve Cui
E. HartsokePeter HerningTerry Moore
Gary FarrowPhil ColcloughTim Hughes
Geoff ConnerPhil GrayTom Prendergast
Hans KirgisPitak ChunthongTony Collinson
Hugo SteinerRichard EllisTony Waltham
Jerry JohnsonRichard LeeteWalter Taylor
Jim ShutlerRichard TryonWolfgang Stuetzel
John Williams

Bob 'Bullit' Boulter
GM October 2015

8 March 1982Run 1Run no. 1 Hare – Knut Herzer, co-hare Jim Shutler. Location Wat Thewasunthorn, on Viphavadee Road just north of Ngarm Wong Wan Road. Runs were held every two weeks until late 1983, after which they were held irregularly, sometimes once a month. Cash surplus B1,800.
1982Grand Master Knut Herzer
17 March 1982Bangkok ladies decide they want to Hash, so form Bangkok Harriettes
29 March 1982Run 2Cash deficit B200.
20 July 1982The Monday Trooth hits the streets of Bangkok for the first time. Up to then it had been a section of the BH3 newsletter.
1 March 1983Run 26First BMH3 boat run. The run was as the ever popular area known as Prapadaeng, but instead of making use of the facilities at the Sanitary Section the runners drove halfway to Samut Prakan and got a ferry across the river from Baan Bang Kasop. The hare was Richard Edmunds. This was also BMH3’s first (and only?) run on a Tuesday.
19 March 1983Run 49First record of a Harriette running. Four unnamed Harriettes joined this run.
3 April 1984Run 50Due to the impatience of the Hares – Bob ‘Bullet’ Boulter and Blaise, BMH3 becomes a weekly event instead of fortnightly. The first weekly run was set just over the other side of Taksin Bridge, from the slip road on the left back to Charoen Nakorn Road. Yes, it was possible to set runs there then.
15 May 1984Run 56The first lady new boot – Wichanee ‘Imelda’ Cherutas. The run was at Chong Nonsee (Chan Road now). The hare was Tony Lovell who worked for CP group then and the run site was in the environs of his office. Imelda was asked by Knut to join Monday as he seemed to think the fairer sex would keep the Monday going (and they don’t come any fairer than Imelda). Pe had been supplying beer to Monday then but didn't join until Imelda came on board. A few weeks later Pe and later Tim Daly joined. Rusty Proctor was the GM that year. Other non-men members were Liz Bridges , Pat Elsmie, Ruth Pagell, Benjamas Ngernwattana.
11 June 1984Run 60Ken Onishi becomes the first Japanese to join BMH3.
November 1984Grand Masters Rusty Proctor/Teerachai Riensubdee
November 1985Grand Masters Tony Lovell/Wolfgang Steutzel
November 1986Grand Master Ian Bodycoat
November 1987Grand Masters Don Collier… Pitak Chantong
November 1988Grand Master Bob Rayner
November 1989Grand Master John Lukens
November 1990Grand Master Tim Wienands
9 March 1991Run 414BMH3 runs on a Saturday in Chumphon. The Hare was Bill Hobbs.
10 May 1991Run 424Red light run on a Friday. The Hare was Tom Sorensen and/or Doug Atkinson.
November 1991Grand Master Bruce Miller
19 Oct 1992Run 500Hares Bob Rayner and Don Petrie. Location Khunying Restaurant Rama 3 Road.
November 1992Grand Master Bill Hobbs
November 1993Grand Master Don Lavoie
November 1994Grand Master Clyde Albrecht
November 1995Grand Master Frank Allum
November 1996Grand Masters Trevor Fellows… Todd Wilkie
9 July 1997BMH3 goes online. Todd Wilkie builds a website dedicated to the Hash. The website includes mis-directions, write-ups, photos etc.
November 1997Grand Master Bruce Weeks
November 1998Grand Masters Andy Steel… Rod Turner
5 July 1999Run 850Bob ‘Raincoat’ Rayner returns to his native Canada after completing a mighty 564 runs with BMH3. Raincoat’s first run was run 87 on 19 November 1984. Raincoat held the post of Hash Cash for many years, and one of his main achievements was to set off the great economic crash of ’97. Raincoat was also well known for his performance of the masturbation song.
November 1999Grand Master Ian Slater
November 2000Grand Master Tom Sorensen
November 2001Grand Master Ed Rubesch
20 May 2002Run 1000The Port. Hares Bob ‘Bullet’ Boulter and Tony Erswell
November 2002Grand Master Mike 'Love Canal' Rust
November 2003Grand Master George 'of the jungle' Morgan
November 2004Grand Master Graeme 'Mini' Bristol
November 2005Grand Master Noah '4x2' Shepherd
November 2006Grand Master Lem 'No Good Boyo' Morgan
12 March 2007Run 1251BMH3 celebrated 25 years of Hashing with a run from the original site - Wat Thewasunthorn. Hares Pitak, Vinai and Stumbles.
19 November 2007Run 1287AGM. Grand Master Matt 'Canal Rapee' Ryder
11 December 2007Founding member Pitak dies. He had clocked up 910 runs with BMH3.
10 November 2008Run 1338AGM. Grand Master Maarten 'Sir Bogdiver' Brusellers
16 November 2009Run 1391AGM. Grand Master Greg 'The Tickler' C
8 November 2010Run 1442AGM. Grand Master Tom 'Pussy Virus' E
25 May 2011 Bangkok Harriettes shut down by Joylide and replaced with Bangkok Wednesday Hash
14 November 2011Run 1495AGM. Grand Master Vichai 'The Senator' S
12 March 2012Run 1512BMH3 celebrates its 30th birthday
18 April 2016Run 1726Khun A starts bringing the beer
15 June 2020Run 1931BMH3 resumes runs after a three month shutdown for the Covid pandemic
2 November 2020Run 1951AGM. New Grand Master Steve' Gringo' G
8 November 2021Run 1761BMH3 resumes runs after a seven month shutdown for the Covid pandemic
13 December 2021Run 1981AGM. New Grand Master Ian 'Codpiece' P
25 April 2022Run 2000Hare Bob 'Bullit' B, location to be confirmed
Past Grand Masters
1982/84Knut Herzer 2003/04George 'Of the Jungle' M
1984/85Rusty Proctor/Teerachai Riensubdee 2004/05Graeme 'Mini' B
1985/86Tony Lovell/Wolfgang Steutzel 2005/06Noah '4x2' S
1986/87Ian Bodycoat 2006/07Lem 'No Good Boyo' M
1987/88Don Collier/Pitak Chantong 2007/08Matt 'AR' R
1988/89Bob Rayner 2008/09Maarten 'Sir Bogdiver' B
1989/90John Lukens 2009/10Greg 'The Tickler' C
1990/91Tim Wienands 2010/11Tom 'Pussy Virus' E
1991/92Bruce Miller 2011/12Vichai 'Senator' S
1992/93Bill Hobbs 2012/13Andrew 'No No' M
1993/94Don Lavoie 2013/14Jim 'Virginia Slim' E
1994/95Clyde Albrecht 2014/15Bob 'Bullit' B
1995/96Frank Allum 2015/16Terry 'Sheepshagger' J
1996/97Trevor Fellows/Todd Wilkie 2016/17Peter 'Hayter Peacox' H
1997/98Bruce Weeks 2017/18KC 'Boob-a-lube' M
1998/99Andy Steel/Rod Turner 2018/19Ed 'Checkless' C
1999/2000Ian Slater 2019/20Bob 'Aunties Bitch' N
2000/01Tom 'Man Called Horse' S 2020/22Steve 'Gringo' G
2001/02Ed 'The Great Pudenda' R 2022Ian 'Codpiece' P
2002/03Mike 'Love Canal' R

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