Run 1790, 10 July 2017
Location: Cowboy Restaurant, Nakon In Road
Hare: Andrew 'No No' M
Scribe: Maverick

Some Hashes are full of incidents that provide a rich seam of material for that week's scribe while others run like clockwork and provide little for scribe to write about. A couple of recent Monday runs have fallen into the former category – Virginia Slim's run where in true Thai tradition Hashers overloaded a raft and the inevitable happened, and last week when Bullit set an ambitious boat run on the wettest day of the year.

This week there were no such excitements as it was a tried and tested trail set by tried and tested hare, No No. Being a public holiday traffic was light and everyone – even Dunkin Donut – got to the run in plenty of time. Despite arriving early Dunkin was beaten to the market place by Nibbles who was doing a roaring trade in Bangkok Monday Hash T-shirts, though your scribe did hear that a certain Hasher who shall remain nameless and shameless bought a pair of Thursday Hash running shorts from the Frenchman.

Despite being a holiday it was a very traditional Monday pack, the only occasionals being Shaggy and City Girl. We had one visitor – F*ck a Duck from a Hash in Trump's Own Country. The trail was well marked and easy to follow, and having a lot of back checks it enabled slower runners like our GM (I'm too modest to mention myself) to keep within earshot of the pack. No Good Boyo acted as a steward in a couple of places to make sure we didn't stray onto the trail he is setting on Wednesday – has he laid the paper already? We were all back well before dark, and there wasn't even a hint of rain.

Recently there has been a trend towards 'healthier' nibbles after the run, but this week as well as the healthy fruit we were treated to chips (UK Eng), Fries (US Eng) or Fritz (Fr). Khun A kept the supply of cold beer flowing, fortunately having dropped the new 'U' beer from his menu. In the circle Noriega presided as RA, and the Hasher with the new Thursday running shorts got the FOYC song. Nominations for PoW were a bit chaotic to say the least, with each successive nomination replacing – not competing with – the previous nomination. Much to the delight of the Harriettes present F*ck a Duck was the last to be nominated and hence the winner, so they got the opportunity to examine his tattoos more closely.

After some social drinking most Hashers adjourned to restaurant for the OnOnOn.

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