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Run 1805, 23 October 2017
Location: Onnut Soi 21/1
Hares: Love Canal and Auntie's Bitch
Scribe: Auntie Climax

A public holiday saw several old faces return to the fold amongst the pack of 31 for Love Canal and Aunties Bitch's foray into the shiggy of On Nut. After a very brief chalk talk everybody headed off in the direction of the Khlong and a good early check. Tinker seemed to be the man in the know and quietly suggested we should head to our left, and lo and behold he called it well! Two visitors from the US, Crouching Tiger Hidden Cow Cock and Another Prick in the Wall took the opportunity to ask if there was going to be much mud as today was only day two of their ASEAN trip and they had another twenty days of wearing the same running shoes. Oh dear!

Dutch Enhancer was tasked with being Hash flash after Gringo declined the offer, citing recent surgery as an excuse. I'm not sure if this meant he would be too slow or if he thought the camera may be too heavy! And Dutch Enhancer embraced the role with aplomb and even took to the back of a motorcy just to get photographic evidence of Boob-A-Lube off trail! In the meantime Walter Cuntkite led the FRB's off into a mudlogged small village. Despite attempts by everybody to stay away, Sheepshagger decided he would rather walk on the blue plastic drainage pipes rather than get his shoes muddy (anybody else spotting a theme here?). So by the time Joylide arrived the householder was almost in a state of apoplexy with anger. Luckily Joylide's time in the diplomatic corps wasn't wasted and she soon managed to pour oil on troubled waters.

Visitor Stephanie was making good time and with thanks to Tom Yan Goong for marking all the broken checks the FRB's continued at a good pace. Perhaps though too good a pace as Chase took a tumble and was the first Hash crash of the night.

Eventually everybody did arrive back in one piece, though Checkless and Auntie Climax suffered the ire of Boob-A-Lube for coming home down Soi On Nut and missing the last part of the trail. That was the part where some wag had written "KC's Bar"next to a sign for a restaurant called 'Grumpies'.

With shoes that looked like they may not last another 20 minutes let alone 20 days, Another Prick in the Wall declared that with so much mud on trail some had even made it into her Lady Garden. Enter the ever chivalrous Auntie's Bitch who gallantly offered to provide a free clean up service.

As the Harriers and Harriettes caught their breath with a well earned beer, Mrs Na and Joylide were quick to reprimand poor behaviour which saw some members topless in the restaurant (male sadly) and others flooding the entrance whilst some just sat in the way!

Eventually the circle was called and as the GM struggled to keep the rowdy crowd in check, RA Tinker took over. Crouching Tiger Hidden Cow Cock proved to be too much of a mouthful for the RA though, and her name was somehow morphed into Kansas Cow Flap. And despite complaints she made herself comfortable sitting in the road for the duration of the circle. Her Auntie, Another Prick in the Wall, kindly took the flak from her though and was proclaimed Prick of the Week. Nothing will be said here about the mischievous look in her eye as she saw the size of the appendage that was to be affixed to her!

So, after several more charges including many for Joylide, the circle was dismissed and the hungry Hashers adjourned to the on on on where a sumptuous feast was provided. Though for Sheepshagger it all proved rather too sumptuous when he was informed of the cost!

On On!

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