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Run 1847, 13 August 2018
Location: Taling Chan, Yok Krok
Hare: Peter 'Hayter Peacox' H
Scribe: Tinker

Weather: IT DID NOT FRIKKIN RAIN!!!! (Unlike Hater’s last run there where we bloody well drowned!)

This time it was "dry", if dry means moss and slime on concrete. It’s been so wet lately that even the mildew has mildew, but cognizant of the ever-present threat of a deluge, the hares kept paper well above flood level - most of the time. On the shrubberies and in the holes in poles, and in one case of lateral thinking gone awry, in the spokes of a Mae Kaah’s cart, which disappeared as she wheeled the cart away.

As a result, the run was entirely on concrete, with the gratuitous exception of 100 metres of mud-caked track through a bit of jungle. (This, for those of you who didn’t do the entire trail, was after the wooden bridge over the klong on the other side of the unfinished temple that looks like Haggsy-Waggsy’s ode to a concrete ziggurat. Or a gigantic concrete replica of a heat exchanger.)

There was also a bit of jungle leading to the rickety bridge over the ditch at the conclusion of the trail. The too-well-marked right turn to it was too obvious. Only a real gung-ho colonial type would fall for that. Right, Bugs?

In order to keep the pack on as much concrete as possible, and discourage any short-cutting bastard – unless they wanted to swim, the trail went for bloody ever up one side of the afore-mentioned klong, across a street bridge, and back down the other side. In a nearly straight line out, and a nearly equally straight line back. Shortest distance between two points. Again an engineering analogy.

Here’s my recollection:


The out and in-trails would truly have been straight lines but for the nearly wall-to-wall moobans invading the orchards. The jogs in the trail map (above) were corners and recesses in the walls. On the in-trail section, No-No amused himself by walking for two km with his eyes closed and his right hand on the walls. He solved a check that way.

Of possible interest along the trail were Tom Yum Gung’s chalk-marked excursion into a temple (Wat Pitak?) at the far left of the above diagram, and then out again as she realized it was not the path to salvation, the two S2H3 visitor’s ability to call every check wrong, KC’s attempt to drown himself out of remorse for – you name it, and Late Balling Cum Slapper’s embarrassment when her water broke.

A culinary note for the next run there: There is, on the On-In part of the slimy mossy green concrete, a lovely lady who serves the best Isaan sausages, just up frmo a little Mom and Pop shop selling beer. The sausage lady has a bower where one can sit and observe the world going by whilst enjoying the repast.

Oh – forgot, there was mild excitement when Cap’n Eric failed to navigate back within the hour. The Cap’n had outdone himself with 6.5 km loop without consulting his GPS, using only LORAN and his native Danish seamanship. "He sailed up the Skagerrak and sailed down the Kattegat".

I understand that the Senator made a cameo appearance. We wondered where the Senator had gone, literally. He was a slim version of his former self, having lost 8 kilos in an unsuccessful operation to remove a growth on his head. Years of organic black shoe polish and Rogane had created a primordial stew that was slowly sucking his life away. This is second-hand, and unsubstantiated, but it was reported, to an observer’s horror, as he watched, the Senator shrank and dwindled away to almost nothing but a magnificent head of hair.

The circle was a parody of precise military organization, as usual, with the Noah and Cameron called in for polite recognition (the GM mistook them for ladyboys), Bimbo was invited for a drink and for not wearing his disgusting running socks, Tink was admonished for something insignificant (maybe abandoning Tui?), Nibbles came down from Wuthering Heights for a genteel pink gin, and even the YMWGMH was called in – and the YMWGMH did not retaliate! Marriage mellows? LBCS stood in for the RAs, and she rapidly emptied the remaining Down-Down cups, finally seizing on Whoremonger as her choice for PoTW. He wore it with aplomb. I think Kaitlee was making a secret wish at that point.

The OOO was well-attended in the walk-in cooler, which for once was not 60 degrees below zero. The tenth remake of the Magnificent Seven was playing, so I can describe the plot but not the OOO, except that someone paid. Could have been the hare. Thank you.

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