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Run 1852, 17 September 2018
Location: Bang Sue, Baan Makham
Hare: Teerachai 'Pink Panther' R
Scribe: Boob-a-lube

Another Monday but this one with Pink Panther as hare, a rare treat. We started from a familiar little restaurant just north of the Bang Sue Railroad Station. It’s a familiar area but Pink Panther put a few special twists into it. The Thai members were out in force including Pork Finder and Senator to support PP’s efforts.

We started down the railroad tracks. Dutch Enhancer, Noriega, Tom Yum Gung, a visitor from Texas and Boob a Lube forming a lead pack which quickly broke away from the walkers and were the only group to do the long trail. Depending on checking they did 9½ to 11 or so kilometers. Walkers led by Spinning Dwarf, Auntie’s Bitch and No No still got in an acceptable 6 or 7 km. The trail took us along the tracks and down to the railroad bridge where we made a perilous crossing and then a nice little set of trail around a lake.

Shortly after this was a huge intersection where we had some trouble; the walkers took it as the shortcut home the hare had promised. The runners finally continued on through some entertainment district sort of like cowboy! Finally we turned and after a series of khlong paths we arrived to a 1½ km On In.

Arriving back at the start the crowd had swelled massively with Nibbles, Semi Conductor, and a Japanese guy who had all flown in from the Mother Hash event and still showed up. Dutch Enhancer could not tell the Texas guy and the Japanese guy apart – apparently there was a resemblance! A circle was held, Japan won the Prick of the Week. The hare was honored and asked to mentor Senator so that he too could set a good run like this one.

A massive dinner followed with endless wine, whiskey and women. Oh well two out of three ain’t bad. On ON to next week.

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