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Run: 1885, 6 May 2019
Location: Taling Chan, Yok Krok Restaurant
Hares: Hayter Peacox and Noriega
Weather: Bloody hot!

Hayter Peacox had managed to get the run slot on the most auspicious Monday of the year – the holiday to celebrate the Coronation. Being a holiday and because the BTS was offering free rides there was a big pack with several faces rarely seen on a Monday. Returners included Deadhead, Whoremonger, Love Canal, Noriega, Gringo, Mudguard, Jumpstart and City Girl. Visitors included Comes Quickly from Ghana and Free Range from Germany.

Despite the offer of free rides on the BTS two Hashers who hale from north of Hadrian's Wall spurned the generous offer – No No insisting on paying for his ride with his stored value ticket, and Agent Orange coming on his bike.

Before the run started the hare was heard to say that the trail was about 9km, but your scribe was glad to find that he was back at the beer after just 7km. Perhaps runners who checked clocked up 9km, but by the time your scribe reached each check it had long been broken. The trail took us along a lot of pleasant quiet klong paths, as well as a few stretches through the rough. It was a classic Hayter Peacox trail and we are lucky that there is still enough space between the ever burgeoning moobans to set a good run.

Back at the beer, after some social drinking the GM called a circle and at this point it was noticed that Bimbo and a couple of visitors weren't back. One visitor – Comes Quickly soon appeared out of the gloom, and a little after that Bimbo appeared. He was asked where the other visitor was – Free Range – and he said she was just behind him. She eventually reached the circle about 10 minutes later.

After the usual down downs for hares, visitors, etc. GM Checkless handed over to RA Pussy Virus. He made a number of charges, including making Whoremonger drink out of his new shoe. Then it was time for Prick of the Week. Jumpstart got nominated for turning up late and without any running kit, Comes Quickly got nominated for saying he didn't want to win it again (apparently he had visited us before and won the competition), and Bimbo got nominated for deserting the female visitor. The winner was of course Bimbo.

Most of the pack then adjourned to the restaurant for food and further libations. Thanks to Happy Hayter for an enjoyable event.

This page last updated: 7 May 2019