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Run: 1886, 13 May 2019
Location: Baan Daeng, Chonburi Motorway
Hares: The Senator
Weather: Not too hot!

In the absence of our esteemed GM, due to an urgent gardening requirement at his new Chateau, our Joint Master The Senator was reluctantly persuaded to take on his weighty duties in addition to being the hare. Not only was the GM AWOL so too was Hash Cash Spinning Dwarf who made a panicky phone call to Gringo to say he wouldn’t be making it and neither would his ass NoNo…more on that later. After a rapid search for quill and papyrus, Gringo managed to strong-arm the assembling masses and relieve them of their dues.

The Senator called his flock together to listen to his words of wisdom and made an impassioned request that we should all stick closely together during the 6.5 km (Ed note: more like 8.5 km) run to avoid any misfortune…

The run started like most runs from this well used site..100m up the road and then off through some tin shack housing and piles of garbage before the trail was temporarily lost and then found after emerging onto the klong. At that point Bullit was very lucky not to get nominated for POTW for very un Hash like behaviour – deliberately bouncing on a rickety wooden bridge while some harriettes were starting to cross. There was then total mayhem as the trail completely disappeared. After much running around like headless chickens a pile of paper was eventually spotted on a trash container…yup the first check had been totally wiped out by local kids…shame they couldn’t do the same with the other tons of rubbish just scattered round their homes in the vicinity.

Ian (the man with no name), Agent Orange and Gringo finally found the trail along what were to be several of the well Hashed klong paths in the area as we headed North along the side of the golf course. A forward check lead under a bridge and a continuation of the klong path heading towards the new superhighway. A back check was quickly solved and we continued along the klong with Aging Orange stretching what was left of the pack out…contrary to Senators instructions. Indeed it was he who caused some confusion having done his own thing off paper missed out a loop and back check and called on resulting in several Hashers also missing the loop. From there it was onto the roads heading south and a long slog on Krung Thep Kreeta road before heading down next to the new Wellington College, a bit of a diversion along the edge of the golf course and another klong path home. Front runners were back in around the hour with the walkers ambling in a bit later...or in Bullit's case a lot later!

Obviously feeling a bit guilty having returned home somewhat ahead of schedule, Agent Orange decided to give the hare, who was quietly relaxing on his day bed, a detailed turn by turn explanation of the route that he taken…not quite the same as some of the other Hashers as it seems he was off paper for about 3 kms!

As this was an "East Side of Bangkok" run the Knitting Circle (Eat Me, Crash, Nibbles and Sizzler) was out in force.. don’t know how much of the run they did… not a lot by all accounts - Nibbles later admitted to doing the out trail and the in-trail and probably not much in between…but then they all had to get back urgently as the wine was getting warm and there was so much to gossip about.

With stand in GM the Senator being the hare, Boobalube asked for comments on the run which was as usual summed up most succinctly by Cap’n Eric…fan f*ckin' tastic he declared to no one’s surprise.

JM Senator took over the circle awarding deserved downdowns to those that did the whole trail among other spurious awards. Lurch who hasn’t been on time at the start of a run for the last 5 years tried to give a detailed explanation of why he was late for this one. Cries of bullshit rang round the circle. Bullit was punished for being last back having "run" with 3 harriettes (Tom Yam Goong, Wiggler and Hot Chilli) in the dark. He looked somewhat tired but had a big smile on his face!

In the absence of 3 RA's, Tinker as RA ass 3 then manfully stepped up to the plate. Sheepshagger and Woody were asked to explain the absence of the Hash Cash. Apparently they took a taxi from the meet-up location when they had a full complement. The jury is still out on whether they were a tad early or not but the result was they left Spinning Dwarf behind who then decided he wasn’t going to pay for a taxi on his own and went home following what was reported as a tense phone call with HotMix. It’s a rough, tough old world out there! HotMix - aka the Cheese Man, was rewarded for satisfying the Hashers desire for some stinky French cheese which had been much appreciated by the pack.

After a detailed explanation of the POTW rules to the visitor "Banana in Public" by Tinker, POTW was duly awarded to…yup the "Banana"… despite the fact that Tinker didn’t even ask for a vote on him! I guess that’s democracy Thai style for you.

After the usual announcements the Senator closed the circle and we adjourned to the restaurant next door. Thank you Senator for a fine evening.

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