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Run: 1892, 24 June 2019
Location: Kanchanapisek, Krua Rim Tung
Hares: 4x2 and Eat Me

As I got into my taxi near Ban Thap Chang station I thought I was going to arrive at the runsite very early, but these thoughts quickly disappeared soon after the frontage road swung round beside Kanchanapisek where we got embroiled in an unexpected traffic jam. The cause of this jam was a big new road which joins the frontage road a bit further up. This big new road cuts right through what was one of my favourite Hashing areas around Bangkok. I have happy memories of setting many runs from the mosquito infested Golden Pond, with the OnOnOn at the Gai Yang restaurant on Krungthep Kreeta.

When I reached the runsite a few stalwarts had already arrived, including the hare and his assistant. More people eventually arrived, and stand-in GM Senator asked the hare if we could set off. The hare looked at his watch and said no, as it wasn't yet 5:30. The Senator and others looked at their watches, which all showed it was just after 5:30, and the hare cursed as he had just bought an expensive new battery for his expensive watch. In fact the only problem was that he had set his watch using a time check on one of the True TV news channels which are all delayed by 5 minutes.

Predictably the trail set off south to a klong path, but after a check unpredictably went left under the main road and made a big anti-clockwise loop on the east side of Kanchanapisek. There were several checks, most of which were back checks which took a long time for the pack to solve. Halfway round we were caught up by long-time returner Phinoccio (a.k.a. Marco) who last ran with us in 2012 and his wife Sooner or Later (that's here name, not an indication of when she came). Eventually the trail came back under the main road, and after a bit more klong path we went left and across the last little bit of remaining grazing in the area where the last remaining farmer was herding his cows back to the safety of their kraal for the night.

After some social drinking while we waited for the laggards to get back, the stand-in GM called the circle to order and asked Hashers what they thought of the run, and everyone said it had been a brilliant run. This verdict definitely had nothing to do with the hare telling runners that the price of the on-on-on would be indirectly inversely linked to the comments on the run he received. Shaggy presided as RA, and tried to relinquish his duties before awarding the PoW, which was won overwhelmingly by Phinoccio. Most of the pack then adjourned to the restaurant, while some of us braved the still heavy traffic to get home.

Many thanks to 4x2 and Eat Me for a good evening – I say that sincerely as I didn't even go to the on-on-on.

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