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Run: 1893, 1 July 2019
Location: Lad Prao, Sukhonthasawat Road
Hare: Matt 'AR' R

As the traffic has been pretty dodgy downtown recently I made an early start for a venture into the unknown…a new area around Lad Prao/Kaset Nawamin…and it soon was clear why we’d never run there before.

As it turned out I was early enough such that the expected gridlock on Ram Indra hadn’t fully developed so I was pleasantly surprised to be approaching the run site down a narrow residential soi in good time. In fact I was so early only Nibbles and the Hash Piss were on site with many of the usual suspects including KC, the GM and the Captain, among many others, missing in action. Unfortunately that remained the sum total for the next 15 mins until a few waifs and strays finally made an appearance. The clock ticked round and with 2 mins to go there was only 6 or 7 hardy souls ready to brave the elements. The hare finally put in an appearance on his motorbike and at the request of the stand in GM Spinning Dwarf, proceeded to issue the usual instructions... our intrepid adventurers set off into the unknown.

The small but perfectly formed pack headed off down the soi lead by Spinning Dwarf, Bullit, Gringo and Maverick. The walkers including Hash Hash and Bimbo were able to keep up as the FRB’s were struggling to find paper. Checks seemed strangely absent…maybe we just couldn’t spot them because of the recent heavy rain but paper was eventually found. After a few residential sois we finally found what must have been the only piece of greenery in the area…but it didn’t last long and we were soon heading south alongside the expressway. The paper disappeared again and after running around in ever decreasing circles for what seemed like forever Spinning Dwarf eventually found paper on the far side of a klong and finally figured out that we were doing the run backwards.

By this point we had already lost Maverick and Spinning Dwarf announced that he’d done his 5k which was more than enough and was going to head home, closely followed by Bimbo. Latecomer Drunkin Donut had finally caught up with the so called pack and so 3 intrepid explorers Drunkin Donut, Bullit and Gringo decided to carry on and complete the run backwards. This proved to be not that easy, trying to find sparsely laid washed out paper in the dark but they eventually returned after being out over 2 hours and clocking up 12km. It would have been slightly shorter if they hadn’t missed a turn into a small soi that lead to some back streets and a small klong bridge with the result being that they did a long cut along a couple of main roads.

Back at base there then proceeded to be an earnest discussion about how it had all gone horribly wrong for the hare…the hare confessed that he was distracted at the start of the run and had forgotten to give the pack some critical information regarding the out trail resulting in the pack heading out on the in-trail! A schoolboy error me-thinks! He even admitted that he saw it happening but did nothing to stop it!!

Acting GM Spinning Dwarf called the pack to order and requested comments on the run. Surprisingly for an unmitigated cock-up the pack was not too scathing in its assessment. The hare had chosen some new territory in his own area. Luckily he has now moved so we won’t need to experience it again! Before the run he even admitted there was a lot of concrete and dead end sois but it was a nice area to live!!

Returners, who seemed to make up half the pack, were welcomed back before Drunkin Donut stepped forward and presided as RA. With such a depleted pack almost everybody was suitably punished.

POTW predictably went to the hare Anal Rape for his cock up in a greenery free concrete jungle!

After a few announcements and a quick chunder by the POTW, the circle was dismissed with some of the pack adjourning to a local restaurant.

Thank you hare for an "interesting" evening!

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