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Run: 1902, 2 September 2019
Location: Onnut Soi 37
Hare: CoD Piece

The GM said he took a long phone call from Cod Piece our today’s hare at 15:53. "I'm late to set the run but it should be OK it's not long. If I am not there at the start the trail goes off to the left" the GM said he thought that would be alright, he's got an hour and was glad it would be short. Oops - read on!

First step was to find the paper by looking long left. No it was right and then left. Blobs of flour were the hint. Waiting around wondering if anyone would turn up. Eventually 13 did with orange hairy man, Gringo, Spinning Dwarf and the GM as possible front runners. No Hash flash this week. George of the Jungle came late.

And so the saga of the scary loooong run began. Out onto the long klong path by Wat Pak Bo following the long klong Phra Khanong. Noah knew exactly where he was as he lives just a few metres long away but even so he came by car. We found the hare at the second check totally lost, that was a real worry! This is the same long trail as the Bill Panton memorial run Todd yelled. The FRBs had gone off long into the far distance. It took them a long while to catch the GM up. By now the rest of the pack were a long way behind.

The trail began a long run on a left hand loop following klong Ban Lai with lots of stops and starts; will the trail go into the soft green stuff? The nearest is Suan Luang Park and we will be buggered if we go there.

And we ran and we ran and we ran. And then it began to get dark, leastways that was what the watching Thai gamblers shouted as we ran past "it’s dark" But we couldn’t stop. Then I could feel the hot breath of Hairy Orange man’s breath tickling my left ear, he was right behind and itching to pass wind. Should I step aside? Would I get left alone and lost. Yes. Todd had disappeared sometime back. But he always knows where he is, being so tall and so able to look over tall buildings.

As we ran on into the gloom and spitting rain the hares name became mentioned more frequently! Definitely cunt of the darkness, concrete darkness, concrete scrotum, Setting 20 runs in Hong Kong my ass! And many more friendly expletives, but good that he has made a great effort. It became difficult to find paper but we did. Hairy Orange began his religious chanting calling out the distance every 100m. We’ve passed 10Km he screamed in horror, and I don’t know where we are! An urgent huddle of the two GPS holders as we neared Pattanakarn. Arms and fingers extended in different directions coming together for consensus. Road works had concealed the paper but on it was down more long klong paths, heading away from On Nut! Bugger!

Now it was keep up and keep running, or get lost! The mileage chanting continued. 11Km…. 12Km….. 13Km….. Down a very long road under construction, past some pretty new Mu Baans where George and Noah must live. More horror – 14Km. We were close to the beer according to the GPS, just 500m, but the reading was as the Nok flies, not back along Klong Phra Kanong 500m over the bridge then turn 180 degrees for 500m back to the beer. That makes 15Km.

Todd was in shock. Visibility shaking! Beer sloshing down his gullet. He had never taken a motorcy taxi before. With the lost stray FRB’s finally getting in the GM called the circle. Many long discussions went into the night on which way, which not, why not, how the hell, etc etc. George as a returner. Hairy Orange volunteered to be RA which he did with great expertise and enthusiasm. He took his joy of running 15Km out on the hare, calling him in repeatedly for a drink. To our surprise the hare self-nominated for POTW. On On On for some lovely seafood with our harriettes, Kim, Malinee, Eat Me and Sizzler.

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