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Run: 1904, 16 September 2019
Location: Ratchapreuk Road, Yok Krok
Hares: Oversexed and Boob-a-lube

Tonight was Oversexed with his willing bitch KC. Lots of heavy rain and storms in the afternoon to help them set the paper. But would many turn up over the west side of the river? Gringo carrying his precious cargo of the GM, capt Eric and Malinee all turned up early. Malinee opened up the rear of her car as a mobile bed in case it was needed in an emergency. Hash Hash seen walking around in the distance seeming lost but he did find paper. Kim with lovely chips.

The hares covered the ground with many different strange markings in white flour. All pointing in different directions to confuse us even before we started. Then with the rain all gone away, but soft and puddly underfoot, the GM gave the off hoping it was the right way. Down to the klong with misleading paper off left but really right. KC could be seen giggling behind the bushes. No no led the way.

Maverick broke the first check taking us under the Ratchaphruek highway, straight across Klong Ban Sai then out north for a right hand loop. The hares had mumbled something about jungle and to take a torch?? Then, who was this stranger in a Hash tee shirt galloping by? Todd had a unique wrist watch that tells time and if he has a phone call. But his phone was back with Malinee. So he ran back to take the call thinking it might be important. It was this visiting Hasher from Bangladesh, he needed help to find the run. Todd's wrist watch also tells him when it's time to have sex, automatically calls his sex partner with directions on how to find him using grab taxi and what toys to bring along, how long the sex should last, how much protein to eat to offset such exertion but keep his weight to a minumum. Todd and the Bangladeshi Hasher soon caught us up and spent the run hand in hand with Gringo.

The right hand loop took us through winding tight allys, Wat Chang Lek and out to the junction with Klong Chak Phra and Klong Ban Sai. This was what Oversexed had in mind by way of shiggy. It was also where our Hash flash Gung dropped her camera into the klong. Hashers stood around offering advice like –well jump in! Gung called up KC to come out and rescue her. She rightly said, bugger that – you jump in! but as the by-standing Hashers ran away screaming she found some local lads who for a fee jumped in and reclaimed the camera; and it was still working. But of course this took time and it was dark. Seeing the dark jungle and being alone she rightly took a motocycle back. Well done Gung!

So back to the shiggy. Bloody hell it was 10Kg mud and slowed progress to a crawl; in Bullit’s case literally. The mud went on and on into the gathering dark, then into jungly stuff and slippery paths. Out to a gap in a fence, into more very very dark jungly stuff. Maverick, Bullit and Checkless echoed Gung,’ bugger that’ and found a more sensible way round. Then is was a long winding maze of ally’s that confused Maverick who thought we were on the moon, and back to the beer.

All in and a call for comments on the run. "xxxxxx" "good run" "well marked" "more mud" "10 bloody Km". Drinks to our returners; Maverick, Rawhide and Bullit – welcome back; and of course our visitor Ian from the Dhaka Hash. Hash Hash with his many years experience stepped in as RA and ripped into one and all. Oversexed a lot. KC, No No, Yuri, then Gung of course. POTW went to our visitor for bringing his wife to Bangkok; silly man! The On on on was exceptional with BBQ beef, chicken wings, fried fish, Tom Yam. Thank you hares for a very well marked run.

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