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Run: 1905, 23 September 2019
Location: Chateau de Chaubert, Rama 9 Soi 37
Hare: Normal

For Normal's run we had 13 Harriers and 9 Harriettes Total 22. Returners included Whoremonger and Short Change and 2 1/2 visitors from Japan, Jose and Yumi R and their thirsty little horror!

Our lovely Kim Normal had opened up the Chateau de Chaubert residence to us Hashers of the Monday night knowing how mucky we would get. Gathered also was a fine collection of Hash ladies all joining in the cooking preparations. The day, and previous days, had been marked with heavy downpours and all was humid and a bit misty. We had all come anticipating clingy mud, shiggy, and a lot of vertical water. Kim as hare appeared out of the murk and we all immediately looked at her shoes. Yes all our fears were confirmed. But there was a story to her shoes that would only reveal itself later.

Kim’s house on Soi 37 sits on the Rama 9 main road so we knew we would would have to cross it somewhere. Would we have to risk the screaming road rage commuting traffic? It was out left up Rama 9 for a bit, then down onto Klong Kacha heading north eastish. Out here as in most of Bangkok there is a spidery network of klongs and alleyways which go this way and that. All good ingredients for a tasty Hash. So here was Klong Lao, then back to Klong Kacha, and Klong Ban Pha, all looking similar. We had two and a bit visitors from the Japan Hash. They left a bit behind and being of the younger sort zoomed away into the distance. We never saw them again until we got back.

We ended up, having crawled under the main road and crossed the railway tracks, to the south of the beer. Amazing at this point the rear met the front. And then KC said he needed more and ran away into the night. It was dark so all huddled together. Lots of soggy paper. You couldn’t miss the main road with its parallel overhead airport rail link so we knew which way to go. It was Maverick who led Woody into a hole in the ground which became a klong path back under the highway so we all got back safely.

And there was Lurch and Whoremonger to greet us. There were stories to tell of little screaming bits, muddy shoes, and girlfriends up trees. It seems our Japanese/US visitors had brought along a baby, then with a quick "look after him/her" they handed the little bit over to Whoremonger (he with the not muddy but nice shiny office type shoes) and ran away! Although he did make noisy negative comments about little bitty babies yelling in his fond embrace, and he did share the baby around with the cooking ladies, Whoremonger was obviously delighted with being a brief father figure. Now onto the muddy shoes. The hare owned up to calling her maid to bring her some muddy shoes on a Motocy so that she could arrive back looking suitably grotty; and she succeeded.

Rawhide took the RA mantle and had his fun, obviously a drink for the father figure. Then out came a very strange story. Aunties Bitch had taken his girlfriend along on the previous day’s Siam Sunday Hash. On the way round the trail, stopping for frequent amorous embraces, he obviously said/did something to offend her. She jumped screaming onto a stout tree and climbed way up high, shouting "I’m going to sleep up here, if you want me come on up!" Now we all know Aunties Bitch cannot sleep in a tree as his tail is not long enough, but he does know how to use a golf bat/stick to ferret a ball out of the rough, well that is how he got her down; or maybe he just paid. Anyhow he earned a down down. POTW to our visitor of course for trying to sell an undersized Hasher. Kim and her sous chefs made a wonderful supper of curry, eggs, roti and rice. A bloody great on on on!

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