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Run: 1927, 24 February 2020
Location: Taling Chan, Baan Daolomdeun
Hares: Hater Peacocks and Noriega

A few people who felt mentally able to travel to the wild west assembled out near Taling Chan for a much anticipated (?!) event. Would it be a rerun of Hater’s last try at this location but in reverse or something different?

Having arrived early due to unexpectedly light traffic we were naturally still later than KC who having set off at dawn had arranged to get his taxi to drop himself and his non-plussed passengers a kilometer away from the run site near the Yok Krok restaurant. Guess he needed a warm-up.

An agitated Auntie’s Bitch was wandering around frantically trying to talk to anyone who would listen so he could annoint the evening’s scribe...amazing he still doesn’t understand what f*** off means as he must hear it so often..

There were a couple of surprising attendees. Tiradej ‘Porkfinder’ – a stalwart member of BH3 made a rare appearance as a visitor...mind you as he only lives a few hundred meters from the location he had no real excuse. Dunkin Donut arrived before the run start which was most unusual. Lurch had abandoned his electric bike for the evening, arriving in his gas guzzling environmentally unsound monster chariot...so much for his doomed attempt at carbon offset.

The GM called the circle to order and the hare issued the obligatory instructions – these actually could have been written on a postage stamp coz he couldn’t be arsed to tell us anything apart from ‘its laid in flour, chalk and paper’. Thank you Einstein. And we were off..

After an initial kamikaze dash across Ratchapreuk progress came to a rapid halt early on in some woodland where the trail disappeared. After some messing around the paper was finally picked up along the main road and the front runners Checkless, KC, Gringo, Dunkin Donut and Eetan, closely followed by Wally, were rapidly into their stride. Despite some early tough checks the front runners soon disappeared. The trail headed south across the klong before meandering East across Ratchapreuk near the Yok Krok restaurant where KC had been dropped off by his taxi. A mixture of klong paths and walkways through some bits of greenery followed before we crossed back over the klong and headed west. The checks were becoming easier and with a few people checking were solved relatively quickly. A right turn and we were heading north and home with the front runners back in just under the hour. Capn Erik was already home and seated, anxiously waiting for the circle to be over so he could get stuck into his dinner. The rest ambled in followed finally by the usual gaggle of walkers NoNo, Mongolian Crotch and the GM.

The GM got the circle underway requesting comments on the run from the pack which were favourable. Porkfinder was welcomed as a visitor before Noriega stepped in, multitasking as RA and co-hare....guess he has time on his hands while looking for his dream job. All becomes clear now – he only turns up on the Hash either as hare or co-hare - that way he gets his dinner paid and a free night out. He told a few stories which, as usual, ended with a discussion of his sexual problems. Mongolian Crotch stepped in to the circle to charge Gringo who was spotted at the Friday night Hash beers pub while on an allegedly illicit liaison. Dumbass...check the website!

Unfortunately there was no visiting female this week to get POTW but an alternate option was possible after Checkless had been seen pinching Noriega’s chest hare – Noriega had been visibly upset about this rampant personal assault claiming that being Asian it had taken a lifetime to grow so was keen to extract his revenge. Checkless was duly annointed.

Most of the pack adjourned for dinner after which the hare announced a "subsidised" price of 200 baht. He was heard complaining that the beer cost more than the food...I thought that was normal for a Hash dinner? Excellent food however with very attentive staff…

Thank you hares for an enjoyable run/evening...

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