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Run: 1950, 26 October 2020
Location: Krungthep Kreeta Soi 8
Hares: Senator and his driver

Another Bangkok Monday Hash – Kunthep Kreetha Soi 8, same place different hare! It’s only fitting that Senator is the hare on the date when Charles V is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor in 1520! We gathered, Captain Eric remarking the Senator will just use my trail backwards cause it was so good. Soon we spied the Senator returning being peddled in his rickshaw by his driver as he cast paper along the roadside. Not a bad way to lay trail if you can afford it. We were called into a circle for pre-run instructions. It is a good trail he says, 7 beautiful checks, we’ll be the judge of that says 4x2. So off we went on a medium length circuitous route not quite the same as the Captains and in the opposite direction.

After a jaunt down a couple of roads with one check we found ourselves on familiar khlong paths but not so sure which way we would head. Horny Vikinng was mostly in front along with Gringo and Codpiece, the occasional ‘beautiful’ check held them back and allowed Boob a Lube to maintain contact. Tickler and Kevin ambled along walking and were soon passed by Bullet who arriving in the nick of time did a superman clothes change and quickly caught up with Hayter Peacock. We continued on passing near the old Chicken Gai yan restaurant, down the khlongs and around to come up next to the golf course. At this point we found Spinning Dwarf running hard in the other direction. Later he would remark it’s all the hares fault for laying the on out to close to the on in!

We did not see any of the ladies on trail, perhaps Ya Ya was held back by peer pressure from the wine drinkers! Lurch was there and did a bit as well (of the trail that is not the wine).

Finally it was around the golf course back to the khlong and on in down a couple of roads. Horny Viking went into racing mode and zoomed away, Gringo and Codpiece jogged in, Boob a Lube (who says he just wanted an extra loop) really probably got lost and went a khlong too far coming in the wrong way. Bullet, Peter Longpants, Tickler and Peter Angry Man all made it back as well. Soon we were only waiting only for Kevin – he finally arrived with a story of being lost in the maze of suburban streets.

The circle was called, stand in GM Gringo honored the hare and a couple of returners, then stand in RA Codpiece dealt with some sinners. Was Bullet late or wasn’t he??? Tits of the week went to Crash on the advice of Tickler – brave man he is to nominate on of the hash dominatrixes!

We adjourned to a superb dinner which was heavily subsidized by the gracious hare right down to tipping all members of the restaurant staff. That went well till the harriettes lined up to try and get some of the tips! Okay finally the end to another epic Monday Run!!!

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