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Run: 1952, 9 November 2020
Location: Cowboy Restaurant, Nakon In Road
Hares: Gringo and No No

A select crowd gathered, at a well-trodden site, the Cowboy at Nakorn In.
With Gringo as hare, checks here are there, we thought we’d be in for a grin.
As it turned out, we snaked in and out of klong paths back roads and bridges,
Dodging dogs by the score that barked more and more round rubbish tips with old broken fridges
About half way round, after a long concrete pound, we were desperate for a check and a break
And very soon after, an event which stopped laughter was a bolting dog and a snake
A big temple here, a small temple there, temples were every bloody where
We dared not to walk, following paper and chalk as darkness was drawing in there
I was hard to see, for Klong Dump, Checkless and me as we crossed the On In marking,
We dared not to talk as we ran over the chalk for fear of more dogs barking.
The final straight, it feels great, after an hour of flat chat running it should,
One thing’s for sure, one beer or more are going to taste mighty good.
So on to the circle, and what a debacle, that turned out to be as the details started to leek,
A rather strange charge, of lovers at large which cost the accuser the prick of the week.
Now for dinner, always a winner at the Cowboy restaurant food table,
But too few ran, to eat all the scran, to finish it we were not able.
Now in a relaxed mood, after booze and food, we had all had our fun.
Next Monday will be, the same for you and me, I’m sure another great run.


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