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Run: 1961, 11 January 2021
Location: Krungthep Kreeta Soi 8
Hare: Tom Yum Gung

As I pulled the chariot up outside the Gai Yang restaurant I got a distinct feeling of deja vu...there seems to be a run laid here every week. In fact, there have been so many recent runs from here that the co-hare was running around frantically explaining to anyone who would listen how he had spent more time picking up old paper than laying down new paper. The GM had arrived early and was lounging on the tailgate of the Hash Piss wagon brandishing his newly acquired Star Trek ray-gun shooting anyone in sight and furiously scribbling on his clipboard….36.1, 36.5, 36.4….37.3!

As lift off approached, the hare ‘Tom Yum’ Gung gave the assembled runners detailed descriptions of the Egyptian hieroglyphics we would encounter on the trail to ensure there would be no confusion with the many other markings we were likely to come across. For the avoidance of doubt, the instructions were also accompanied by various sound effects of different species of antelope that populate the Plains of the Serengeti.

The trail lead out East along the main road before heading into the undergrowth paralleling the south side of the golf course. The front runners including Horny Viking, Codpiece, Eetan and Klong Dump were already well out of sight as the strollers including GM Gringo, one of our regular front runners, who was having a new perspective on Hashing at the rear due to some "lame" excuse of a dodgy hip ambled their way behind. As we hit the first klong path there was obviously some major confusion as the front runners were running around like headless chickens muttering some bollocks about loops and with no clue which way was the true trail.

The walkers were confronted with a bunch of crossed out markings which didn’t help their progress. By process of elimination, it appeared that the correct trail went over a wooden bridge and through some local housing before hitting the original klong we had just left. That soon ended with a back check and back over a metal bridge and at this point we were heading back towards the run start and not far from home. Some of the backmarkers needed no further encouragement and Knockout Neptune, Kevin, Nibbles, City Girl, Whippet Cream among others were soon shortcutting home. The other walkers pressed on regardless with the trail continuing West before turning North along the next major klong. At this point Tickler was spotted diligently performing his Hash Flash duties as we then stepped carefully between the elephant trap like holes in the concrete floor of the car park of the abandoned apartment buildings. A bit of a loop then took us back to the klong and a final bit of undergrowth before we hit the in-trail. After just over 6km we were back at the beer truck with the hare and co-hare giving each other a bit of verbal .."see I told you it was too short" ..."no it was just right" ..."no it wasn’t" etc

The GM finally got proceedings underway with the hare Tom Yung Gung and her sherpa KC being welcomed into the circle and after some favourable comments were given their reward. The regular weekly visitor Whippet Cream was welcomed yet again and finally admitted that she won’t join coz she doesn’t want to lay a run not because her cheap boyfriend won’t pay her run fees! Spinning Dwarf was accused of spreading fake news about the GM needing a hip replacement. A couple of special awards were made - a new year bonus was paid to Khun A for his sterling service over the past year but the big news of the night was the wedding anniversary of the hare Gung who is so dedicated to running with BMH3 that she had forgotten about it and was haring on her big day.

Standin RA Codpiece doled out some charges with Whippet Cream living up to her reputation as hot stuff arriving at the runsite with a temperature of 37.3! It's off to ASQ for you then!

POTW obviously went to the happy couple Gung and KC as a special award on their special day.

Most adjourned to the private room upstairs at the restaurant for the Ononon. After the food arrived and everyone was enjoying convivial evening things suddenly took a serious turn as the restaurant staff told us that the police had arrived following a complaint. Initially, it was not clear what the problem was but it eventually transpired that apparently, a large group of people had been disrupting traffic, not wearing masks and making a lot of noise! After some discussions with the restaurant staff while we cowered upstairs quietly in our room, the police made their excuses and left. Soon after, having experienced enough excitement for one night, people dutifully put on their masks and started to leave...creeping out slowly one by one!

Thank you to the hares for a nice run and an unusually exciting ononon!!

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